‘Change for the Better’ campaign launched


“THE year 2015 is harvest time—harvesting all what is good about the Filipino to transform our country into a great nation,” is how Dr. Mina Ramirez, phenomenological sociologist and president of Asian Social Institute, launched an all new social advocacy campaign dubbed “Change for the Better.”

Supported by local coffee creamer brand Krem-Top, the project aims to motivate and challenge individuals to exercise a habit of continually improving oneself, not just at the turn of the year but all throughout and beyond.

First introduced in 2012, the campaign has also become better from being a personal call back then to taking on a nationalistic as the mission in this outing. Change for the Better, therefore is rallying the nation towards becoming better Filipinos.

“The mission of the brand is not just to build business but also to advocate creating change for a better country,” related Blen Fernando, Alaska Milk Corp. vice president for marketing and campaign leader.

With the guidance of Dr. Ramirez, the advocacy identified five core values that define “who and what we are as Filipinos.” According to the professor, these are what make Filipinos different and stand out from the rest of the world, based on her study “The Filipino Worldview and Values.”

The core values are “Mapagpasalamat,” “Matatag,” “Masigasig,” “Mapagmalasakit,” and “Magalang.”

Dr. Ramirez explained, “If you want to get to know the Filipino, learn the language. Most of our values are deeply rooted in how we express ourselves. “The Five Core Filipino Values based on the Basic Aspirations of a Filipino” are in Filipino language because there are no direct translations of these traits. The words are unique to us. Understanding these traits would mean dissecting the soul of a Filipino.

“Filipinos may be hard pressed at times, but in general, we are rich. We are rich in natural resources; we are rich in our people. If we can just get to know more ourselves clearly and use our values to our advantage, we will become a better nation. It’s time to change for the better,” she continued.

One of the campaign’s supporters, artist and activist Jim Paredes, shared how he saw the value of “pagmamalasakit” still present in the youth today.

“My daughter opened our home for relief operations. She took the initiative to turn our home into a relief center for repackaging donations for the typhoon Yolanda victims,” said Paredes.“The Filipino existentialism also attracted me; the Filipinos being masigasig to pull ourselves out of poverty.”

The Krem-Top team, is optimistic that this project will help create awareness about the need to keep or enrich or restore these core values of Filipinos.

For more information on the campaign, log on to www.facebook.com/AlaskaKremTop or follow @kremtopPH on Twitter.


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