Change in Philippine sports is coming



The Philippine Swimming League (PSL) has been praying for change in Philippine Sports.

One time, I said that only the Philippine President could solve the problem in sports. And it’s coming after the phenomenal victory of President-elect Rodrigo Duterte. Swimmers as young as seven years old, are pinning their hopes on Duterte to bring positive change to Philippine Sports.

Even though the young PSL swimmers can’t vote yet, we know their prayers helped a lot.

PSL has swimmers from all over the country. Their parents too believe that only Mayor Duterte can make a difference. There was a time during a PSL camp, when parents and swimmers helped distribute Duterte’s campaign materials with the support of Senator Nikki Coseteng.

When the mudslinging against Duterte intensified, we simply told our loyal PSL parents to just focus and keep their faith on Duterte.

Our country needs someone like him, someone who can discipline everyone.

Our young swimmers are looking forward to Duterte’s promise to end corruption in the country. Our young swimmers expect that finally someone will implement the rule of law without fear and favor.

Politics in sports kills many young athletes’ dreams.

The past administration did not rank sports among its top priorities.

Under Duterte, our young athletes are expecting that attention would be given to sports.

President Duterte must first democratize Philippine sports to fix it. Every deserving Filipino athlete must not be deprived of recognition, financial support, and, must not be barred from competing in international competitions.

Tryouts must also be open to all legitimate Filipino athletes and representatives to international competitions must go through a proper selection process.

The incoming President must also visit the Philippine Sports Commission Act under Rule 1, Section 2, Declaration of Policy, because the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) failed to implement its objective, which is “to provide leadership, formulate the policies and set the priorities and direction of all national amateur sports promotion and development, particularly giving emphasis on grassroots participation.”

The PSC’s visitorial, supervisory and disciplinary powers were completely absent over the Philippine Swimming Incorporated (PSI). The PSC is fully aware on the issues against PSI among them its membership and tryouts not being open to all.

The PSC failed to exercise its powers guaranteed under Section 3 of Rule IV – “suspend the grant of financial assistance and other privileges to a National Sports Association (NSA) with intra-corporate conflict and/or suspended by the Philippine Olympic Committee.”

PSC is aware of all the anomalies and criminal cases filed against PSI President Mark Joseph, but PSC apparently, is not doing its job because anomalies continue and remain unpunished.

When Ricardo Garcia was appointed as PSC chairman, he declared amnesty on all NSAs with unliquidated funds. We all know that he is indebted to POC President Peping Cojuangco.

Peping wants to stay in power forever. Cojuangco himself is facing cases.

Where can you find a sports leader preventing athletes from participating in competitions if they are not a POC/NSA member?

It is important now that their abuses and dishonest practices be put to stop, permanently.

The Ombudsman decided to file graft and criminal charges against Efraim Genuino, Mark Joseph, former PSC chairman William Ramirez as well as former PAGCOR officials and board members.

Despite the fact that many Philippine sports leaders are implicated in corruption cases among them plunder and malversation of public funds, the government, the PSC in particular are doing nothing about it. And the worst thing is they even continue to support them.

Our country should excel in the sport of swimming considering that the Philippines is an archipelago but that is not the case because of a corrupt system.

Everywhere I go, I see building frustrations among parents and athletes on the arrogance of POC and its favored NSAs.

Our young athletes, after praying for Duterte’s victory are now looking forward to reforms and change under his administration because he promised to democratize Philippine sports.


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  1. Amen. Not sure if this is true,, but have heard that thre is relatively a lot of officials attending international competition than atheletes with huge allowances and staying in nice, if not expensive, accomodations. While our athletes cant even have presentable sports wear,wares and budget meals.

  2. Where’s Michael Keon? Duterte should look for him and tap his services. Philippine sports was in its golden years during Keon’s time.

  3. a decade of manipulation, conspiracy, corruption and intimidation, these are the good things what the Philippine Olympic Committee and Philippine Sports Commission ever achieved in running the Philippine sport in conniving with greedy businessman who only wants is to gain control in all national sports association for his personal glory and ego….this needs to change now…