• ‘Change’ is darkness


    Ma. Isabel Ongpin

    AM I the only one who notices that the riding-in-tandem contract killers are plaguing the country from north to south? Everyday on the news some businessman, businesswoman, political personality, government official, journalist or plain citizen is bumped off by a pair of killers using the vehicle of choice for the crime of murder – a motorcycle.

    The police appear on the scene way afterwards, and begin what they say is an investigation; only the results are never disclosed, the case is never closed and the killers are never caught. At least in the vast majority of such cases, that is the result.

    What is curious is that it seems to be a generally accepted fact that these so-called riding-in-tandem killers are part of the national scene and there seems to be no effort, or rather, no successful effort to control their activities, arrest the culprits and bring them to trial. It seems the war on drugs has just taken over all police activity and every other crime is put on the backburner to be dealt with in the future. Only the future never materializes to address these crimes.

    It is not true that the “change” promised by this administration regarding law and order, the rule of law, public safety, neighborhood peace and curbing criminality has come to pass. The change has been for the worse. If one adds to the national scene the extra-judicial killings that are sweeping the country as the war on drugs uses excessive and murderous violence against drug users who are more victims than anything else, then we are in an era of darkness.

    What is worse in this “change” is the mistrust that is building up against the police. They seem to be out of control in a murderous rampage to eliminate anyone that in their eyes is breaking the law. Excessive violence, shooting to kill, using torture are common occurrences in their supposed implementation of the law. This is not police work. It is criminal activity. The police director general can bring on his tears every other instance when confronted with what the public sees and feels about the police, but it elicits no sympathy because Truth is not on his side.

    Rogue policemen are as common as the riding-in-tandem criminals. They are accused of robbery, rape, bullying, abusing civilians, fighting among themselves with deadly weapons, compromising law and order itself when they should be the protectors and not the predators. But that is what they mostly are, predators.

    The Department of Justice keeps announcing investigations by their office, the NBI, the National Police Commission, and whoever else but again there is no further news or action that resolves whatever criminal issue has to be addressed.

    Lamentably there will be more riding-in-tandem murders on the horizon under the chaotic peace and order conditions that are taking over our cities, our provinces and our neighborhoods.

    Last Sunday in my home city, my usual route through Nueve the Febrero Mandaluyong was closed to traffic. I thought it was a traffic accident. It was not. It was another riding-in-tandem crime. A former Mandaluyong City fiscal and barangay captain was gunned down after Sunday mass in a crowded neighborhood. The case is under investigation as proclaimed by the Department of Justice. And that may be the last you will hear about it.
    “Change” has brought on darkness.


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    1. I would understand that old age will limit one’s capabilities to multitask or focus on things, but these riding-in-tandem killings have been around since your midlife crisis.

      how about this scenario :

      the current president wages war on drugs.

      won’t the drug lords fight back?.

      to which side of the war does the killings done by rogue cops benefit?