Changing concept of sovereignty over natural resources


I agree to the need for cooperation among the nations of the world to address the global threats of desertification and other harmful effects of the changing climate due largely to irresponsible unmitigated exploitation of the earth’s resources. But the truth of the matter is it has been the wealthy nations that are guilty of this abuse for so long, that is why they have become so developed and wealthy. It would be unfair I think if third world nations will be required at this time to limit their use of earth’s resources to the same extent as the rich nations thereby perpetuating the gap in their level of development. There should be a formula where the reduction of carbon emissions, for instance, should be much more extensive among the rich nations with developing nations given a larger leeway the use, for example, of fossil fuels correspondingly. This is only fair since rich nations can now well afford new technology that can produce enough energy to sustain their wealth without emissions that harm the environment and developing nations are not yet capable. Besides, lets face it, it was the rich nations profligacy in the use of resources that has brought the world to this sad state.
Domingo Ligot


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