‘Charge me, so I could also kill you’


    DAVAO Mayor Rodrigo Duterte renewed his vow to kill criminals and threatened to also kill those who will file criminal charges against him as he hit the stump in the capital heading into the home stretch of a controversial campaign.

    “The drug pushers, kidnappers, robbers, find them all and arrest them. If they resist, kill them all,” he told about 2,000 people who cheered and shook their fists during a central Manila rally shortly after midnight.

    “Go ahead and charge me with murder, so I could also kill you,” he added.

    Duterte had earlier pledged to kill 100,000 criminals and dump so many in Manila Bay that the “fish will grow fat” from feeding on them.

    More than 50 million people in the mainly Catholic Asian nation are qualified to vote on May 9.

    Seen by fans and foes alike as a real-life “Dirty Harry” from a southern city made infamous by shadowy vigilante death squads, the 71-year-old mayor has recently led presidential surveys.

    Analysts say Duterte’s profanity-laced campaign resonates in a chaotic, high-crime society with limited opportunities for a vast underclass working for a tiny elite.

    This was despite having called Pope Francis a “son of a bitch” and making crass comments about the jailhouse rape of an Australian lay Christian missionary who was killed in a 1989 prison riot in Duterte’s own city.

    His April 12 comments, in which he suggested that as mayor he should have been the first in line to rape the victim, drew widespread public condemnation, including from the ambassador of Australia.

    He has also vowed to hold direct talks with China to resolve overlapping claims in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), in a reversal of President Benigno Aquino’s policy of multilateral discussions with other claimants and international arbitration.

    Duterte has lately swapped tirades with his rivals, particularly Vice President Jejomar Binay and former Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd.

    During a campaign sortie in Kalibo, Aklan, the mayor slammed Roxas for his incompetence.

    “Mar Roxas is the weakest link,” Duterte said, citing the misuse of Yolanda funds and the Metro Rail Transit 3 mess.

    Roxas served as Transportation Secretary before he transferred to the Department of Transportation and Communications.

    The tough-talking mayor said Roxas does not have the qualities of a president.

    “Ang proseso ng presidente marunong kang magdala ng Mamasapano at Yolanda [A president should know how to handle a Mamasapano or a Yolanda],” Duterte said.

    The Aquino government was heavily criticized for how it handled super-typhoon Yolanda, which left at least 6 ,000 people dead. It was also blasted for the Mamasapano tragedy where 44 elite police commandos were killed by members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and other armed groups.

    Duterte reiterated his promise to stop crime, criminality and corruption within the first six months of his term.

    “People will come first, people will come first,” he said. “I can guarantee you that it will be a clean government.”

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    1. Pero baka iniisip ng mga makaduterte nagbibiro lang si duterte sa sinabi niya na yan, ano puro biro na lang ba tayo? Kung tingin niyo isang biro ang paghawak ng pinakamataas na pwesto ng pinas at pagpapatakbo dito, malaki na problema niyo. E halata ngang walang plataporma at puro pangongopya lang ng programa ng ibang kandidato balak gawin as he had admitted sa last debate. Ibig sabihin walang alam! Now would it be a good example sa mga kabataan na sabihin nya na matagal na siyang nangongopya since grade one pa siya, is he encouraging us to have a culture of cheating? Malaki nga pagbabago! WOW GRABE!

    2. Marami na atang4 tanga at praning at naniniwala kay duterte. Baka gusto nila yung government na walang pwede kumontra sa nakaupo, at ang kumontra tinatakot na papatayin, they might get what they wish for. Well ganyan talaga pag praning na, hindi na nakakapagisip ng mabuti. Kawawang pilipinas, harapan ng tinatakot pero ayos lang. Kelan pang naging krimen ang magcharge kung mali ang ginagawa ng nakaupo. Mga kabayan magisip pa kayo ng mabuti!

    3. I thought that Duterte is the Person of choice to be President but now with his dirty mouth being consistently bad mouthing anything that doesn’t go his way, I don’t believe he is the right person for the highest position in our country. He will embarrass the Filipino people.

    4. If he is elected president who will arrest him when he starts killing criminals? Is the president or mayor immune or exempted from this heinous crime? Isn’t the president should be the role model for his constituents? Therefore when he starts killing criminals shouldn’t all Filipinos should to follow his example and start killing criminals too, suspected or convicted alike. And when they do they should be immune from charges and arrest like Duterte since they are only following his example. Kaya sigurong maraming gusto siyang maging presidente. Maraming kating-kati na ang kamay na pumatay. Pag presidente na si Duterte siguradong babaha ng dugo. God help the Philippines.

    5. The people will get to taste their own bitter medicine once he gets to office. And let’s see if they are still smiling.

    6. Jose Samilin on

      Duterte’s word, “‘Charge me, so I could also kill you’.’ is dangerous and fatal to the soul and physical body if taken literally. Whoever fool and gullible failing to understand and apply in bad faith shall be destined for its doom. Reason, Duterte is a mystery in whole of its being like the rest of men as God’s creation. Who among you can fully comprehend the mystery of man as created by God? Is it the Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church of the Philippines as righteous clergies to first cast stones (condemned) to Duterte, saying a person not worthy as president of our country? Really!!! they did it? Were they, in fact, intrinsically righteous, or mere self-righteous, believing their ordination as Bishops has far elevated advantage over Rodrigo Duterte in respect to salvation is concern? No sir, when salvation is concern we are look upon by God in the same footing. These Bishops violated God, while being fully aware Jesus never condemn the woman brought to Him caught in the act of adultery. By doing that, (especially publicly) the Bishops clearly disregarded Christ teaching and intentionally sawed division in the church. The question here is, whose leading them to divide the body of Christ, by the Holy Spirit or the evil spirit they coddle in their bosom?? I am speaking for sure as sinful as any man like Duterte.

    7. Stressed out, & going for more, magHuramentado na. He’ll soon run out of tact, make huramentado decisions. Masisiraan na ng bait. Insanity! Incompetent!

    8. Jose Samilin on

      Taking Duterte’s words literally and with prejudice is dangerous, Conrado Alcantara, wildpawn, Ed Noles, LA, and Arvy. The worst thing a person can do to himself/herself is to violate his/her own conscience, and therefore, asking you not to, So please not to vote for Duterte. Unless you are knowledgeable and understandable enough to the whole context of Duterte’s entire platform compared to others because they were saying the same things, but of their biographical, educational, political works and their professional success in governance and politics or lacking thereof, plus now, their individual financiers’ power and political influence mainly relates to their own credibility to perform ib the future is the biggest single factor to consider for us to ultimately select the right one, only then should your conscience agree, then vote for Duterte/ Cayetano and by your risking yourself to hell, if only, you are fool and gullible allowing yourself defeated by what is called.battle of good conscience. Then, be smart as the serpent but meck as the lamb, as Jesus said.

    9. Siguro si bro con ano ang iyong binabasa? wala yatang laman ang ulo mo??/ I am sorry bro. mamahalin ba ng mga taga ilocos norte si BBM kung walang nagawa sa bayan niya at sa senado.. magresearch ka bro kung ano anong batas ang nagawa ni BBM, sa sobrang haba baka magsawa ka. sinong kandidato mo na walang laman ang utak…
      Bong Bong Marcos is the peoples choice ,, sawa na ang mga tao sa pangako ni moymoy na wala nmn ginawa kundi payamanin ang mga mayayaman at pahirapan ang mga manggagawa… Bong Bong will be the next Vice President of the Philippines.
      He deserve it..

    10. Duterte is Plain Idiot,, Dummy,, Maniac. And over rated…he can not do anything he promised in 6 months…..wake up People and smell the coffee…

    11. kirikiri togo on

      Hahaha! this is Duterte, the judge, jury and the executioner that his brigade of supporters wanted to be a President of the Republic of the Philippines. His message is very clear to kill 100,000.00 criminals and killing more for charging him for the murder of our children, grandchildren, brother, sister and relatives. He is a monster and lunatic, it’s maybe good for him to withdraw from the race, go back to Davao City and cure his mental illness.

    12. tony de leon on

      this guy is worst than Donald trump. this guy is not presidential, he should only stay as mayor with his big bad mouth.

    13. Its hard to believed that Duterte will threatened with bodily harm those people that will file complaint against him. Just hard to believe.

      • Edong Mapangarap on

        its election time brother, They want us to believe the unbelievable and fool the electore with this thrash headline, little did they know it has an opposite effect, look at the results and our ‘berdugo’ is pulling away. Money talks and can be written in newspapers…..

      • armando ugates on

        read what expert says about people with ” anti social narcissistic personality disorder” do no justify. open your closed mind before its too late!!

    14. Does Mr. Dee Gong thinks that criminality is the only problem that the country is facing? He should know and understand that people turn to crime because of poverty. Pag wala makain, magnakaw yan para makabili ng tinay. But what about unemployment, education and healthcare? What is his blueprint for infrastructure? I guess, he is just feeding on people’ sentiments. What is pathetic is that people born and educated under an educational system created by quo rhee produced the present crop of people whose only culture is sing and dance and telenovelas.

      • melissa salazar on

        it is the electorate who should understand this. Digong is Digong, he could not be changed, he could be charged but he cannot go to prison because of his age. it is the electorate who must be able tor realize the danger of having a sociopath and psychopath in malacanang. But despite his blunder he still leads in survey. So, it is us who must change, not Digong, who is hopeless to change.

    15. my goodness, WHAT KIND OF HEADLINE IS THIS?
      you must realize that his supporter ARE MULTIPLYING with this kind of negativity.

      • Hay naku! Kasama diyan ang Pilipinas na mag self-destruct din. Ano ba naman ito! Puro na ata may sayad ang mangungulo sa bansa natin!

    16. Hindi ako maniniwala na ang mga pinoy maniwala sa mga sinasabi ni Dudirty. Ang lumalabas sa bunga-nga panay mga katarantadohan, at kasiningalingan. Pangako na walang laman. Ssini ang maniniwala sa taong sobra ka GARAPAL. Ang maniniwala sa garapal ay mga garapal din. Kong ang mga pinay madala nang kagapalan ni Dudirty TAPOS NA NAMAN ANG PINAS.At huwag maniwala ki Bobong Marcos wala naman na gawa sa senado. Pinag yayabang pa ang pareng kinawat sa taong bayan.

      • melissa salazar on

        sino maniniwala? mga Pilipino as the survey shows maraming naniniwala. Hindi kasalanan ni Digong kasi pinapakita nya naman talaga ang katarantaduhan nya ang masama yung mga naniniwala na kaya nyang gawin ang mga pinapangako nya kahit na katawatawa,