Charge up on the road


With traffic jams becoming an everyday occurrence, constant communication is a must for our urban and fast paced lifestyle. Don’t get caught in a traffic jam with your phone on low battery mode. Charge up and always be ready on a full battery charge with the world’s most successful portable power bank.

The Mili brand offers a wide variety of high-quality accessories in unique designs for the iPhone 4 and 5, Samsung Galaxy Series, Blackberry and other mobile devices such as tablets. Just simply plug your iPhone or Android with Mili’s Power Smart 2 or Universal car charger and you’ll be able to explain your exact location and that you’re on your way. This scenario is one of many reasons why having a Mili Power Charger is a must in this fast paced, technological lifestyle.

The Power Smart 2 car charger kit include a built-in Apple lightning cable and has one other standard USB output; can simultaneously charge two devices at the same time and is compatible with both smart phones and tablets in the market today.

Their latest product for the local market is a mobile communications solution for the worsening traffic problem in the Metropolis. Mili’s Power Smart 2 Car Charger and the Universal Charger 2 are devices designed and engineered for the modern lifestyle.

Mili’s line of portable chargers are available in Astrovision, iGig, iStudio, Mobile 1, Rustan’s Department Store, SM Appliance Center and Switch.


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