• Charo on being daughter, mom, and loving lola

    Charo Santos-Concio graces the cover of ‘Working Mom’ for Mother’s Day with her two granddaughters, Julia and Talia

    Charo Santos-Concio graces the cover of ‘Working Mom’ for Mother’s Day with her two granddaughters, Julia and Talia

    This May, ABS-CBN CEO and president Charo Santos-Concio graces the cover of glossy magazine Working Mom’s special Mother’s Day issue, and opens up about her excitement in her role as a mother figure to her two granddaughters.

    Concio, an influential figure in the media industry and a working mom herself, admits that she always looks forward to spending time with her two granddaughters, Julia and Talia, who join her in the cover of the magazine.

    She also talks about her parenting role as a co-discerner, saying that she pushes her sons to man up in making difficult choices in life.

    “Difficult choices come with pain. You have to man up to that pain. I always say, I will be here to support you, but I will not be the one to make that choice for you. It’s your journey, not mine,” she says.

    On juggling work and family, Concio admits that whenever she has her share of tough times, she calls for help.

    “It takes a lot of humility to put aside your ego, admit that you could be vulnerable, that you have the same dose of human frailty as everyone else. It is the only way to grow,” she tells Working Mom.

    Meanwhile in ABS-CBN’s StarStudio magazine, Concio looks back on her upbringing and gives credit to her mother for shaping her to become the woman that she is today. She acknowledges that it was her obedience to her mother that led her to land major projects.

    “Kapag sinabi niyang ‘join this contest,’ I would obey because I wanted to see her happy,” she says.

    It was through the Baron Travel Girl competition that Concio got the attention of esteemed filmmaker Lino Brocka who invited her to audition for the female lead role in Itim, the movie that catapulted her to stardom.

    Also known for her elegance, the top executive tells StarStudio that she learned to dress well and carry herself properly from her mother.

    “She’s quite strict when it came to etiquette, good manners, and how to conduct yourself in public. But she respected our own points of view,” she concludes.


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