A chat with PH golf beauty Princess Superal


Princess Superal is among the most beautiful faces in Philippine golf today. Superal holds the distinction of being the first Philippine-born female golfer to have won a United States Golf Association championship. She foiled a late rally by Mexico’s Marijosse Navarro to rule the US Girls’ Junior Championship in 2014. Superal took a break from training to have a brief chat with The Manila Times.


The Manila Times: When did you start playing golf? Did your interest in golf spring up independently?
Princess Superal: I started playing golf when I was five years old. It’s really fun to play golf particularly when you are playing with your friends or your family. I love the challenge that golf offers. Everyday you learn new lessons – It’s really fun and challenging, I really enjoy the sport.

TMT: Among Pinoys, golf kind of has this reputation of being “elitist”— What are your thoughts on that?
PS: Many people see it as elitist because golf is a very expensive sport. Every piece of equipment is expensive and not just anybody can join competitions if you don’t have the money.

TMT: Golf is said to be a mental game, how do you prepare yourself for competition physically and mentally?
PS: I prepare myself physically by working out plus of course range practice and putting green. A practice round before the tournament is very important for me. I prepare myself mentally by reviewing in my mind the course, the holes as well as the clubs I intend to use.

TMT: What part of competing do you love most?
PS: I love the challenge that a competition offers, also the meeting new friends and gaining new experiences.

TMT: What is your most memorable victory?
PS: My most memorable victory is when I won the U.S Girls Junior Championship and when I emerged as double-gold medalist in the Southeast Asian Games.

TMT: Do you have any preference for equipment?
PS: Ping clubs and Bettinardi putter. I heavily use the 60-degree wedge around the green – almost always.

TMT: Did you play other sports as well? What are your interests outside of golf?
PS: I am not involved in any sport other than golf. When not playing golf, I hang out with my friends and go out with my family often to watch movies with them.

TMT: What do you hope to achieve in your career?
PS: My dream is to become an LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association – an American organization for female professional golfers) player.


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