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    Starting out as a garage band back in France, the now Grammy-winning band Phoenix released their new album, “Ti Amo”, in June under Warner Music Philippines. The band–comprised of Thomas Mars (vocals), Laurent Brancowitz (guitar), Christian Mazzalai (guitar), and Deck D’Arcy (bass)–detailed creating the album to The New York Times, who described it as “the band’s most unabashedly romantic record yet.” Ti Amo’s first single is a brilliant, shimmering explosion called “J-Boy.”

    Ti Amo is Phoenix’s first album four years after the critically lauded “Bankrupt!” produced by the band and recorded at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris with the help of long-time collaborator Pierrick Devin. Ti Amo is–in the band’s own words–an album about simple but pure emotions: love, desire, lust and innocence. It is also a record that reflect their European and Latin roots.

    Phoenix has also confirmed its upcoming world tour, which includes the Philippines.

    Music Geek had a chat with Phoenix bassist Deck D’Arcy via phone from “the middle of rainy England.”

    Why did it take more than three years for your band to release an album?

    That period was catch up time for the three of us. Making a new record turned out very slow. It was a very slow process. We know we needed time to make a brand new album. It’s just the way with the other songs. I wished it would very different then, you know.

    The Grammy-winning band Phoenix

    The New York Times and iTunes reviews describe your album as your most romantic yet—do you agree with that?

    Well I guess, if they say that, it is true. I could actually say we’ve always been in this dimension of music that exactly that talks. The things we try to do when it came out, we try to control that. It’s kind of natural. Probably the reaction with the previous albums- Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and Bankrupt with that direction. We’re trying to do something. So, we’re always thankful if somebody likes our albums.

    Why Ti Amo as the title of your album and single?

    We wanted to call Bankrupt! “Je T’aime.” It means “I love you” in French. The music (then) did not go with that title. So, for this album we called it “Ti Amo” because the music here is much better so it’s very natural that we calll it as such. We love the Italian language and heritage and speaking in Italian. It’s like the Italian background and we just embraced it.

    Do you still expect Ti Amo to be as big as ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix?’

    You know we never expected anything. Just for the album to be appreciated. We never expected “Wolfgang’s” success. Nobody wanted to sign the album at first and we never had any successful album like that. We learned the good and bad, and now this is something new–it’s a real Phoenix album. But it seems to be okay.

    How was the recording process this time compared to your previous albums?

    I would like to say it was just like the first. We do everything at the same time. We go on the ideas then record everything. We worked in the studio and put our chops there for our music. There’s a lot of complex stuff and exploring for this album, that’s why it took a long time.

    How excited are you to perform for your fans in Manila?

    We are very excited and expect it to be big. And the crowds have been supportive. We hope it’s going to be a good one. We had such great memories and people have been very welcoming. It will be very special.

    What can fans expect from your set?

    It will change the way we perform. Usually, we constantly try to change the show. And we’ll do something we haven’t done before. It’s going to be an experience and something unique. And lots of good songs as well. Going back to the roots and new songs as well.

    Any message to your fans here?

    We hope to see all of you there.

    * * *

    Phoenix will perform live in Manila on August 15 at Kia Theater with tickets at Ticketnet. It is produced by Karpos Multimedia.


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