Chavit Singson leads Looc, Romblon town fiesta



Arriving on his private jet, former Ilocos Sur Governor Luis Chavit Singson was greeted with 101 pieces of lechon on parade as the beautiful town of Looc, Romblon celebrated the “One Looc Town Fiesta Celebration 2018.” Held on April 25, the fiesta carried the hashtags, #noboundaries and #crossover to signify Looc’s continued development.

Singson, as guest of honor, also witnessed the very popular Talabukon Festival that features street dancing to depict the rich culture and history of the town and tasked to crown the queen duly assisted by Hi Society. Dubbed anew as the “Lechon Capital” in the whole province of Romblon, the town of Looc now has gained popularity not only in the Philippines but in the whole world as netizens (portmanteau of the words Internet and citizen) reacted positively on the photos uploaded by Loocnons and the Facebook page, One Looc 2018.

It’s the first time in the town’s history for everyone to have witnessed such grand parade of Lechon donated by Loocnons themselves and served to all the guests and the public that are pre­sent at the plaza for free. Unlimited rice wrapped in banana leaves complete the meal.

Truly, it is a fiesta worth remembering. This year’s One Looc Fiesta President, Jonathan Tansingco Gaytano, a fellow Letranite to Singson, quips that the objective of this year’s celebration is to unite the townspeople and celebrate as one—no political, social and religious boundaries. The special event also pushed for a crossover from Generation X, to the Millenials, up to generation Y. Gender sensitivity and equality was also fully considered.

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All the villages participated in every activity such as “Talabukon Festival,” “Lechon Parade,” “Suman festival,” “Palarong Pambayan,” “Laro ng Lahi,” Basketball, Volleyball, “Walkaton on heels at Boxing ng mga Bading,” Senior Citizens Affairs, Grand Alumni Homecoming, Battle of the sounds and Supermodel Search. Alexandra Lalaine Condes Vayda, meanwhile, was crowned as Miss Looc 2018.

The town is a picturesque landscape as the comite de festejos decorated it with multi-colored umbrellas, banners, fabrics lining up the major streets and attractive tarpaulins exclusively designed for the affair. Balikbayans coming from all over the world and the locals themselves were amazed at the grandiosity of the celebration as they all walked on a red carpet during the coronation night. Most of them lined up for lechon and enjoyed it with the people from all walks in life. No rich, no poor, no fat, no skinny, no brown, no white, just One Looc.

According to Mayor Leila Medina Arboleda and this year’s internal vice president, Joanne Solis Matschuck, the success of the celebration was due to the unprecedented financial help by the sponsors.

Lawyer Lisette Arboleda, the external vice president on the other hand attributed the willingness of the sponsors to the theme: One Looc 2018 as everybody feels they truly belong. It was experimental at first since the fiesta management has only sixty days of putting things together, however, they consider themselves blessed as they have chosen the best members of the executive committee with Gerardo Barredo as Treasurer, Sheela Galindez Minon as assistant treasurer, Marivic Dalisay as secretary, Cynthia Fetalino as assistant secretary, Menchie Garachico as the PRO and Joy Glori Pador as the executive overseer.

The members of the working committees were very cooperative too and everyone just decided not to crack under pressure. The town of Looc boasts of its other tourist spots like the world-renowned Looc Marine Sanctuary, pristine white sand beaches, seafood, suman and the honesty store at the famous pilgrim site Grotto de Banloc.

Today, Looc—as the Lechon Capital in Romblon—will truly entice more visitors and boost the economic status of local farmers and related business. Kudos to One Looc 2018 Team!


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