• Cheap tires, new plugs


    I recently went around inquiring about tires and I realized that the assortment of brands available is more plentiful these days. As one shop owner put it, it’s more from the price. Prices of well-known brands have gone up by as much as 30 percent and customers are requesting for tires that are more affordable.

    Shop owners were quick to point out those who would purchase the large diameter wheels would use tires that are way cheaper than the branded ones, because for a time, only the branded ones offered bigger-sized tires. With the cheaper tires performing like the branded ones, customers are now comfortable using the cheaper brands.

    But one may ask, how reliable are the cheaper brand tires (I will avoid naming brands and country of origin as much as possible)? According to some shop owners, they have not had any issues with the cheaper brands. In fact, more people are considering using these on the sole merit of price. A 20- to 30-percent price savings is a big thing nowadays. Incidents of blowouts still do occur, but they are from abuse. I know of some friends who are using the cheaper branded tires and they seem happy with them. With the issue of highway performance, I have not encountered or heard of a tire failure caused by a manufacturing defect. If there were, it was more of abuse…

    One shop owner brought out a thread thickness gauge and compared the cheaper tire to the more expensive branded tire. The cheaper brand had a slightly thinner thread. But then again, the customers want a more affordable product.

    Think of it this way. Buying cheap tires is like buying a cheap compact car. It will get you from point A to point B. Now, don’t expect the compact car to give you a limo ride or the speed of a sports car. If you want those kinds of features, go get another car.

    On another note, Denso spark plugs has new toy. About a month ago, I passed by my friend’s auto shop and while I was there, he showed me sample of Denso’s new spark plug that has a double tip design. Unlike a conventional spark plug where you would have the center electrode and the ground electrode, in-between would be the spark gap: this is where the electricity would jump and ignite the air/fuel mixture. Now, what Denso did with the new plug is it placed another electrode coming from the ground electrode (facing the center electrode), and unlike the other brands, it would either have multiple ground electrodes or a notch in the ground electrode to increase the ignition area. Denso did it in a simpler way. This ensures a hotter spark and a more effective ignition coverage. This means more fuel will be burned for the same amount that enters the combustion chamber. A more efficient burn means more power and better fuel economy. Because of this unique design, it can replace certain spark plug ratings.

    Although it is not yet available in auto supply stores, you can look for it online by typing Denso TT, or search for MOVNCOOL Corporation to check their chart if the spark plug is applicable to your car. I am scheduled to get a set for myself. I will give you feedback on its performance as soon I get to install them.


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