• ‘Cheating is already in place’


    THE Commission on Elections (Comelec) is out to manipulate results of the coming presidential and local polls to favor administration bets, according to an advocate for transparent and clean elections.

    Lawyer Glenn Chong, spokesman for election watchdog Reform Philippines Coalition (RPC) on Sunday disclosed that the Comelec did not subject the trusted build of the election management system (EMS) program and as well as its newly-created version to an independent source code review to prime up the vote counting machines (VCMs) for cheating.

    Chong pointed out that the non-review of the EMS source code was admitted to him by Mario Garcia, project manager of election provider Smartmatic Corp., which supplied the three programs of the Automation Election System (AES) and the 97,519 VCMs that will be used in the May 9 polls.

    “I asked him why did you make the trusted build when the source code has not yet been reviewed yet? He told me that they were already short of time and thus reversed the process of coming up with the trusted build before subjecting it to a source code review,” Chong told The Manila Times.

    “Witholding a piece of code from the source code reviewers, refusal to print the voters’ receipt and the sudden revisit of the source and recompilation of the EMS trusted build as a way to possibly neutralize the exit poll strategy all point to one thing–kasado ang dayaan [cheating is already in place]as of today. I am dead sure about it,” he said. “I will bet my entire fortune on this conclusion.”

    Chong added that there are two versions of the EMS that were deposited in the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

    “The source code review is all but a zarzuela. We will push for the reviewers not to give their imprimatur and not to sign the report on the source code,” he said.

    The AES is composed of three programs–the EMS, the VCM and the consolidation canvassing system (CCS).

    The original trusted build code for EMS was finished last January.

    On February 8, however, Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista announced that there were incompatibility problems on the two programs, the EMS and the consolidation canvassing system (CCS) which, in effect, postponed the printing of official ballots for the third time.

    On Friday, Bautista said the problem has been cured after depositing the new EMS version in a rented vault at the BSP, which also paved the way for the holding of mock elections in 20 locations all over the country.

    On August 8, 2015, the Comelec signed a $766,000 or P35-million contract with SLI Global Solutions (SLI) for the testing and review of the source code, which contains the customized program for Philippine elections that would be loaded on the VCMs.

    SLI, a Colorado-based firm, is the same firm that conducted the source code review during the 2013 elections.

    As certifier, SLI will make sure that the source code submitted by Smartmatic meets specifications and performance and adheres to deliver what the Comelec needs, and as well as protect the AES against hacking or unwarranted entries.

    Prior to the SLI review, the Comelec conducted last year a base source code review.

    Bautista said then that after the source code has been certified by SLI, it would be made again available for review as provided in Republic Act 9369 before February 2016.

    Senior Commissioner Christian Robert Lim explained that the source code is basically an independent auditor to ensure that system is running free from possible malicious lines and ensure that one’s vote would be credited to the candidate voted upon.

    Chong pointed out that anything can go wrong if just one piece of code is withheld from source code review, which, he pointed out, is what the Comelec has exactly done.

    He explained that the Comelec tweaked the original trusted build in anticipation of possible exit polls, which according to a Supreme Court decision in ABS-CBN vs Comelec case are an essential part of freedom of speech and of the press and cannot be banned.

    Chong said they would be filing a new petition for mandamus in the Supreme Court over removal of the voter verification paper audit trail (VVPA), one of the four minimum security requirements provided for under Republic Act 9369 or the Automated Election System Law.

    The VVPAT system is designed to allow voters to verify that their vote was cast correctly through the issuance of a receipt, showing the names of candidates that they voted.

    It serves as a deterrent against possible election fraud and would provide a means to audit the stored electronic results.


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    1. There should also be manual counting to verify the electronic results even if it takes months to finish. .

    2. Commissioner Andres Bautista an Aquino Appointee…was a Campaign Manager of Mar Roxas during the later’s Senatorial stint..
      Comissioner Shariff Iqbal, another Aquino Appointee..a Nephew of Mohaghir Iqbal an MILF Negotiator…
      Maria Rowena Amelia Guazon…another Appointee of Noynoy Aquino…
      So, what more can we Expect for from the Comelec…aside from the One On One Meeting between the SMART-MATIC Officials and Noynoy Aquino…? Remember during the last 2010 and 2013 Presidential and Senatorial Election…Noynoy Aquino was a Winner already even three months before the actual voting was held. And on 2013 Senatorial Election…Noynoy Aquino said it Nationwide…all LP Senatorial candidates will win…and so, it did happened…Now, IF Mar Roxas will Win…and Nobody will go to the Street to Protest…I will Consider 60% of Filipinos are IDIOTS and STUPIDS…IF No Nationwide Protest will Happen.

      • Jerryson Gapor on

        We will not allow this to happen!if it will happened God forbids! I won’t hesitate to join the protest!!!how much is too much??Count me in!!!

    3. I would like to congratulate Mar Roxas… he is now a clear winnder of the election. Thanks to hocus PCOS :)

    4. juskoo! naniniwala pa ba naman kayo sa mga bintang ng cheating-cheating na ‘yan. E nung time ni Gloria ganyan na rin sinasabi nila o e, di ba di naman nanalo manok ni Gloria kasi si Abnoy nga presidente natin ngayon na kaaway n’yang mortal. O, asan si Gloria ngayon o di ba nasa sanctuary? Pag pinansin n’yo yan, sa susunod na election kandidato na iyan sa pagkasenador! Mga peste ng lipunan puro bentang ang alam kaya ayaw umusad bayan natin.

      • Atty Chong has valid points. Ang ibig sabihin ng transparency ay sinusunod kung ano ang establish steps and procedures. Bakit ayaw sundin ng COMELEC kung ano ang nakasaad sa batas? Isa lang ang ibig sabihin nito- mayroon silang ginawa na hindi karapatdapat.

      • I also believe your statement, there are numerous gossip makers and conspiracy theorist that supposedly know the technical details of theses machines. They are only making us doubt Comelec. I have great trust on Chairman Bautista. Look at his credentials . He is a man of integrity and honor. You rumormongers are a bunch of clowns. I never trust you. Show me your credentials first , only then I will start to listen but I need to verify the truthfulness of your so called corruption. Show me your proof. You clowns.

    5. If there will be massive cheating by PCOS, expect uprising. People will skin alive first these COMELEC officials then the cheating candidates. People are already fed up and angry to these corrupt manipulators.

      • Felix Servidad on

        That will be a bloody one because the oligarchs will not allow to snatch from them the government they run, it is they who runs our government by financing the potential candidates in their campaign to win the election. in return, in their greed they secured big projects and dictates the government whatever they wants. The next uprising will be a bloody one the oligarchs will do
        everything to stop it.

      • to the max and frank mendoza your ideas deserve the gutter. We all must rally behind Atty. Chiong stand while there is ample time. You two guys should start beating the drum day break come tomorow. Thats where our future lies

    6. i would like to cogratulate atty chong for his braveness and goodness… MAY GOD BLEES YOU!

    7. The Comelec should think a million times if they cheated, there is a possibility of turmoil in the country. Worse, the Comelec people will be their target! The Filipino people are already drained/exhausted of the various corruption by our national government officials, the never-ending continuous crimes, and the poverty.

    8. If Comelec says that no time to fix some important features of an election system, then, there is truth to the allegation of one of the columnist of Phil star that Aquino and the President of Smartmatic one on one meeting at Noynoy’s residential office sometime last year was meant to ensure the winning of Roxas, no matter what all the candidates are doing with the campaigning and the voters preferences?

    9. Since Lolo Brillantes step out of comelec it was already in placed. So Chairman John The Baptist only implements it on orders of Pnoy as the appointed one


      How Can This Country Achieve Its Inclusive Growth if in the Process of Electing the National & Local Leaders; THERE is THIS HUGE BAGGAGE of EVILNESS that is wrapping the total ELECTION PROCESS…delimiting and in fact PARALYZING the people ‘s TRUEST SENSE for “PRACTICING THE RIGHT TO SUFFRAGE”?

      This is gruesome evilness!


      Lord God in Heaven, When is TOO MUCH, ENOUGH?

      Honestly dear Father, I am about to utter an IMPRECATORY PRAYER against these people behind the PLOTTED CHEATING on the Election Process through this ‘HUKOS PCOS” manipulation being revealed through this News Article below as reported by Atty Glenn Chong,spokesman for election watchdog Reform Philippines Coalition (RPC) .

      Dear Lord Jesus, IF the whole process of the upcoming Election will just be another FUTILE EXERCISE of the Voters’ Right to Elect their CHOSEN candidates for the National & Local posts… what are all these process for?

      From registering of voters, filing of candidacy, selecting and eliminating process, the filing of unwarranted and unwanted DQ cases, the campaignng process and the actual casting of VOTES on May 9, 2016; this whole THING will just be AMISS; a gruesome evil!

      Lord God, with FULL RECOGNITION to your Power, Might & Spirit; and in humble submission to your Perfect Will and Plan for this country. In due accomplishiment to the MISSION you have called us for; in your RESHAPING of this country which indeed sounds impossible to many…

      YET, as you have SET IN YOUR WORD; which WE CLAIM our SWORD; IN BEHALF of our countrymen… Please cleanse us with the power of your mighty blood that was shed on the Cross for the remission of our sins.

      With the cleansing of your blood, making us worthy coming before your presence, interceding in behalf of our beloved next Pres. Grace Poe, VP Chiz Escudero, the senators, congressmen, governors, board members, mayors, vice mayors and councilors…those in the partylist… in behalf of the COMELEC officials and employees, and those who will man in the upcoming Election..

      FATHER GOD, please LET LOOSE of your HEAVENLY ANGELS… to encamp your children GIVING them SHIELD, SWORD, HELMET, VEST, COMBAT SHOES and the full armor for their protection…

      YET dear Lord God, IF due to Democracy, most leaders had abandoned their oath of office for clean and honest deals, free from fraud, violence, corruption and malpractice of their professions. IF due to their power, USURPATION & DEMOLITION jobs take place…

      Dear Father God, in preservation and completion of your Mission; on its way to the Promise Land (for the modern Israelites); please PAVE THE WAY to the COMING of the new DAY for this country.

      We RAISE the BANNER of Righteousness, Truthfulness, Justice, and ALONG with your JUDGMENT. We RAISE the BANNER of SALVATION, FAITH & LOVE for God, our country & countrymen, so with our environment and mankind. We RAISE the BANNER of SELF – PRESERVATION in FIGHT for EVILS in this land and those EVILDOERS.

      LET STAND TALL dear Lord those who have CLEAN HANDS, HEADS AND HEARTS even on the Judgment Day. I personally cry before you father IF is it YOUR WILL, let these evildoers come to the knowledge of you and make them REPENT from their sins, conduct the META-NOIA (a trans-formative change of heart) making them too, worthy of your grace, mercy and love…

      However, dear Father, IF THEY REMAIN STUBBORN to your WORD and if their hearts are hardened by this world…STILL I PRAY Father, cause them to change for the BETTER; for GOD and for GOOD!

      But, with their DELIBERATE EVIL-SOME words, works and walks; which are ABOMINABLE before your SIGHT; dear Lord – PLEASE, AS YOU PLEASE PERFORM YOUR MIRACLE dear Jesus. That, they would either CHANGE for the BETTER; or they will be BOUND TO DOOM making them BITTER, FOREVER into the ETERNAL DAMNATION in hell.

      Please MAKE THEM REALIZE that: HEAVEN so is HELL is REAL!

      On one hand, please have our beloved Grace Poe be granted a FAVORABLE VERDICT from the Supreme Court in paving way for the fulfillment of your mission declaring her the next Philippine President comes June 30, 2016.

      These all we humbly implore and thank you very much..!

      • Renito Rufino Bognot on

        This would have been a great prayer asking God’s intervention for this country to have a clean & honest election had it not endorsed a favored candidate.

    11. Counting on the Aquino appointed Supreme court is a waste of time, watch as they ignore the constitution to rule in Poe’s favor. There is no agency in the Philippines that will stand up to Aquino and the Liberal party, none at all, not even the Supreme Court.

      • Well then, Philippines will remain a third world country run by the devil Aquino/Cojuangco dynasty and its advocates. And the country might become another Mexico or one of those South African countries. I deeply feel sorry for Filipino people. MARCOS was right by trying to disintegrate this dynasties but now they’re back in power and they will do everything to stay in power and control over the Philippines.