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    The singer-actor with non-showbiz girlfriend Kat Ramnani PHOTO FROM INSTAGRAM/XTIANBAUTISTA

    The singer-actor with non-showbiz girlfriend Kat Ramnani

    Singer talks about his return to TV and the stage, and his thriving love life
    It has been 13 years since Christian Bautista began serenading his way into show business, and now, dubbed as Asia’s Romantic Balladeer, he is still very much on top of his career.

    Bautista gained popularity after becoming a grand finalist on the reality singing competition, Star In A Million. Although he only placed fourth overall, he quickly became one of the most popular offsprings of the show, and was immediately offered a recording contract upon elimination.

    With hit songs and successful concerts tucked into his belt through the years, Bautista emerged not only as a success in the Philippines but effectively crossed over to several other countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

    Today, the singer-actor continues to strive hard and feels blessed with continued acting and singing projects over a decade into his showbiz adventure.

    Christian Bautista

    Christian Bautista

    “It feels good that there are projects left and right and it’s been really great to be busy. I like working because I’m a little bit of a workaholic, so now what I’m trying to manage is the rest time,” Bautista said in an interview during his launch as the latest SmartBro “BroKada” on August 5 in Makati City.

    Although he took a break from acting for less than a year, the GMA Network talent excitedly related that he is returning to TV and theater.

    “I missed acting so I’m happy to say that I will soon be in a musical again, besides having a part in Encantadia. With all that I’m just very happy and blessed,” the 34-year-old performer said.

    Giving updates on his projects, Bautista continued, “Encantadia is doing very well. We’re all very glad as a family working hard on the show. I personally love the fight scenes, the costumes, the graphics and the story,” he added.

    Meanwhile, Bautista’s return to the stage will be the upcoming Atlantis Productions staging of the Broadway classic Jersey Boys. He will play the character of Bob Gaudio, one of the members of the musical group The Four Seasons.

    “First rehearsal starts in two weeks. I personally watched the movie, and I also watched the musical in the West End. I’m reading the script almost daily, reviewing the life of Bob Gaudio. I try to inject a little bit of myself in the character though so I won’t be a robotic copy,” he continued.

    According to Bautista, while he loves acting for both TV and the stage, he finds the latter more challenging.

    Bautista (left) plays the role of Apitong in ‘Encantadia’ with Ruru Madrid PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK/ENCANTADIA 2016

    Bautista (left) plays the role of Apitong in ‘Encantadia’ with Ruru Madrid PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK/ENCANTADIA 2016

    “Let’s just say that theater is a lot harder, but I don’t want to say it is more fulfilling because whether you’re onstage or TV, it’s all fulfilling. I’m saying it is hard just because you go on live all the time,” he shared.

    “So with that, you cannot make a mistake—there are no cuts, there’s no take two. The only take two you’ll get is the next day’s show and it’s all exhilarating,” he added.

    Asked about his reaction on his share of bashers, Bautista simply said, “Block [them]. That’s it. No reaction. Unless they hit my family, they’re going to get a piece of me.”

    He admitted, “Yes I also hit back. I did sometime ago for fans, but as much as possible, I try to be quiet and peaceful. If they go overboard then I have to say something.”

    Asked next when he finds the time to pursue singing, Bautista replied, “I am working on a new album, and hopefully I’ll finish it soon. The songs are coming in but we still need a little more.”

    Meanwhile, Bautista’s love life is also in full bloom as he is currently in a relationship with non-showbiz girlfriend for almost a year now.

    “My love life is very much OK,” he smiled. “I have to make sure I block out dates from my calendar so we can spend time together.”

    Bautista is dating Kat Ramnani, the Music Content Head of another telecommunications company.

    He describes his 30-year-old, part Indian-Irish-American-Filipino girlfriend as “very intelligent, very driven and very beautiful” in past television interviews.

    Bautista, who used to date fellow singer and theater performer Rachelle Ann Go who is now based in London’s West End, had been single for three years before meeting Ramnani.

    According to Bautista, their relationship, which is going strong, just makes all these wonderful opportunities in his career all the more special.


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