Ched Chairperson belies pork charges


COMMISSION on Higher Education (CHED) Chairperson Patricia Licuanan on Tuesday belied allegations that she is conniving with some administration lawmakers on the use and disposal of the outlawed Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel.

In a statement, Licuanan stressed that when the Supreme Court (SC) issued its decision on the Priority Development Assistance Fund in November 2013, “the function of implementing government programs and projects for which funds have been duly allocated and approved by the legislature was specifically assigned to agencies of the executive department, among them CHED.”

It was learned that CHED was allotted P4.1 billion in supplemental fund in 2014 for scholarships and grants for deserving students.

Licuanan said the commission on March 10, 2014 prepared guidelines for the use of these funds and subjected them to internal consultations with various education stakeholders that included Representatives of Congress.

“The lawmakers were given the opportunity to recommend their beneficiaries to CHED but subject to these guidelines,” she said.

“It was also clarified that the GAA 2014 obligates the agency to ensure that existing beneficiaries should not be disenfranchised, but will continue to receive assistance provided they meet the requirements under the guidelines,” she added.

She was reacting to the claims of Rep. Tinio of Alliance of Concerned Teaches (ACT) party-list that recorded conversations indicated that she connived with the legislators by appropriating millions of pesos of the CHED money to their chosen beneficiaries.

Licuanan decried as baseless Tinio’s assertion that she and other government officials are perpetuating in secret the now unconstitutional PDAF to gain favor from lawmakers so as not to impeach President Aquino.


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  1. “The lawmakers were given the opportunity to recommend their beneficiaries to CHED but subject to these guidelines,” she said.

    The beneficiaries can be lifted from the white pages of telephone directory.
    The fund will end up again to the pockets of the congressmen.

  2. Cres Malifier on

    God almighty!
    There’s a recording of your conversation, Secretary Licuanan. I used to hold you high as one of the best civil servants and educators of our country.
    Nagyon po ay masamang masam ag loob ko na pati kayo pala ay kasama sa mga liars and destroyers of the rule of law and truthfulness and morality in governance.

    • Napoleon Imperial on

      Hold it, don’t judge so fast. Please read first the Official Statement CHED issued so you will know the context, circumstances and what actually happened. I can assure you that my Boss, Dr. Licuanan remains to be one of the most hardworking and trustworthy government officials who does not have to ingratiate herself with anybody in order to stay in office.

  3. The recorded conversation during that meeting should be aired publicly by Tinio. Withholding it is a form of disservice to the people who have a right to know how they are being swindled by their government officials. The congressmen’s claim that it was wiretapping was a shallow defense of their attempt to sidestep the PDAF being declared unconstitutional. Even when caught with their hands in the cookie jar, these shameless congressmen still look for other ways to steal the people’s money. All those guilty should be jailed with Palparan with the captured general being given a weapon to use on scoundrels that he believes betrayed the people’s trust.