CHED: Displacements due to new curriculum not only focused on Filipino teachers


The Commission on Higher Education has clarified that not only Filipino teachers will be affected upon the implementation of the new General Education Curriculum (GEC) but also teachers of other subjects as the displacement spans all disciplines that will be removed from GE courses and moved to K-12 curriculum.

According to CHED Chairperson Patricia Licuanan, the claims stating that around 85,000 Filipino teachers will be displaced resulting from the new GEC is “inaccurate” although there are still “rough figures” in determining the exact number of teachers who might be displaced.

CHED has acknowledged that the intellectualization of Filipino language, from which the issues regarding displacement of teachers has sprung, and the problem that may arise on the part of Filipino, Math, Psychology and other GE faculty who may be dislocated from higher education institutions (HEIs) are two entirely distinct matters that must be addressed by the Commission.

However, there are remedies being laid out by CHED to counter the said problems. Solutions like the assignment of disciplinal courses to former GE faculty; the deployment of some higher education facility to senior high school; the grant of research load to deserving faculty; training them to teach tech-voc courses; the absorption of senior high schools; and others have been suggested.

CHED, with the help of its technical working group, has been studying the possible challenges posed by the K-12 curriculum and has also been tapping other government agencies like the Department of Education (DepEd), and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to take part in this endeavor. PNA


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  1. theyre just studying the possible challenges by the K12 curriculum just now????
    CHED did not voice any complaint when K12 was rammed down the throat of the public, not a whimper from them.. and now that the imminent displacement of thousands College educators is at hand theyre scrambling to find solution… what a bunch of incompetent desk jockeys

  2. This is the result of a haphazard implementation of a government program without doing deep studies of the possible ill effects at the start of the implementation because we only tried to copy the result but not the preparation, effect on the availability of classrooms, effect on the status of teachers affected by the change in program, economic on the parts of the parents. This all because as always new administration of DepEd wants to make experimental program and leave a so called legacy when a new leadership comes, a questionable one.