• CHED studies shifting of academic calendar


    THE Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has created a panel of education experts from various educational institutions who will study the proposed transfer of opening of classes from June to September.

    According to Dr. Patricia Bustos-Lagunda, chairman of the Coordinating Council of Private Educational Associations, the CHED formed a technical working group to study, deliberate and review the changing of the academic calendar.

    “The mandate of the technical working group is to gather as much input from the various sectors that are affected by this initiative,” Lagunda told reporters, who is also a member of the technical working group.

    She said there is a move to synchronize the school calendar in preparation for the integration of the Asean economic community in 2015.

    “The school calendar in the Asean region varies also so we will make a lot of discussions among the main sector not only among the education sector but with other sectors because it will affect a lot of activities that play around education,” Lagunda said.

    “But the most important question is: Do we really need it? What is the compelling reason to shifting into early school calendar?” she added.

    “Personally and from an informal discussion with other colleagues in the technical working group, we feel that if the higher education sector plans to move school calendar so as with basic education sector because for all practical purposes it’s better to have synchronization within the total education sector. We cannot have higher educational institutions starting their school opening in August or September, while the basic education sector starting in June,” Lagunda said.


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