CHED tightens regulation in conversion of state colleges


THE Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on Wednesday said state colleges must comply with the requirements before they can be converted into universities.

CHED Chairperson Patricia Licuanan made the announcement after President Benigno Aquino 3rd signed new laws on the conversions of 12 public higher education institutions, majority of them existing state colleges.

Licuanan said the CHED had the final say on the university status of the 12 state colleges that have been converted to universities.

She stressed that complying with the requirements would ensure the quality standards of higher education institutions.

“Under these new laws, the conversions will not take effect until CHED has verified their full compliance with the standard requirements imposed on other schools granted University status under CHED policies, and is declared by CHED to be qualified for conversion,” she said.

She, however, clarified that to rationalize the conversions and align these to the current mandatory requirements of establishing a university, an Omnibus Amendment is included in all these guidelines which states:

That “the establishment or conversion of the institution into a state college or university, respectively, shall become effectively only upon determination and declaration by the Commission on Higher Education, based on the recommendation of panel experts, that the institution has complied with the requirements for university status,” the rules stated.

“The CHED, through its regional office, shall regularly provide technical assistance to the institution and monitor compliance with the requirements of the Commission,” it added.

The following are the operational requirements for a university:

1. Level III accreditation or equivalent under CHED policies for at least four of its undergraduate programs, one in liberal arts and one in the sciences, and two of its graduate programs.

2. Ration of qualified full-time faculty with requisite degrees to number of students.

3. Adequate library and development output of practical and commercial application to the community.

4. Relevant linkages and outreach programs that are mindful of service to the community, and

5. Relevant academic policies, systems and processes.

Licuanan said CHED is now preparing the draft of the implementing guidelines for institutions to reach the objective of the Omnibus Amendment.

“Those among the 12 concerned institutions that have exhibited compliance with the requirements will be immediately assisted by the Commission in attaining university status in order to immediately enjoy the full benefits of such converted status,” she added.
CHED schools have to comply with the requirements by January 1, 2016.


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