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After a long week spent working long hours and shuttling through Manila’s worsening traffic, weekends are a reward in their own right. When Saturday rolls in, going out sometimes feel like another chore you just want to avoid. With that in mind, here’s a list of things to do for a totally awesome stay-at-home Saturday!

Shop Online
Clothes, shoes, gadgets and more are all just a click away! A good number of brands have made their online stores as attractive as their actual brick and mortar establishments! But if you’re too lazy to find them online, a quick visit to multi-brand retailer sites like Zalora and Mr. Porter are as good as a trip to the nearest mall!

Let out your inner chef!
Sure, you love taking pictures of all the cool stuff you eat. But why not take your love of food to the next level and make your own? Awesome recipes are always a quick online search or a Buzzfeed article away!

If you spend the week complaining how you can’t seem to fit exercise into your weekday routine, take some time to break a sweat without having to trek to the gym. There are a lot of exercise routines online that’ll give you a good workout. Or you could download an app like Sworkit that allows you to tailor exercises towards specific goals or time limits. Trust us, you’ll thank us later.

Binge-watch your favorite TV show, or movie, or both!
Tune in to something good and tune out the rest of the world! But if there’s nothing good on TV, what do you do? Whatever you’re in the mood for watching, there’s always something good on iflix! With over tens of thousands of hours of entertainment from both Hollywood and Asia, you’ll be pressing play on some of the best TV shows and movies around, at any time, place, and gadget of your choice!

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