Chef Margarita Fores shares Hong Kong’s best tastes


A core must-have experience of Hong Kong is dining – from unique local street food to Michelin-starred restaurants to world-class international cuisine, allowing travellers to eat the entire world within the city – making it a true “culinary capital of Asia.”

Chef Margarita Fores (foreground, right) and her team got inspired to create a special menu that fuses Filipino and Hong Kong flavors for the campaign

And one thing that always connects Filipinos to Hong Kong is the shared love for food.

“For Filipinos, food means celebrations, togetherness and hospitality. It is no surprise why we keep flying to Hong Kong, to enjoy an exciting variety of food options. Personally, I love exploring traditional dishes that reflect the heritage and cultures of Hong Kong,” said Margarita Fores, Asia’s Best Female Chef 2016.

In a new marketing campaign in the Philippines titled “Best of All, It’s in Hong Kong” launched on January 24, Fores’ strong passion for Hong Kong has landed her an opportunity to be part of the filming of the gourmet dining video, and also inspired her to create a special menu that fuses Filipino and Hong Kong flavors.

Fores and her team shared the best tastes and experiences the former British colony has to offer through specially-created dishes.

“I am honored to be able to marry two of my favorite things, Hong Kong and my passion for cooking, and contribute to Hong Kong’s latest brand campaign,” Fores shared.

Hong Kong’s attractions never fail to delight families

“I hope that through my specially-created dishes, fellow Filipinos will be able to savor the best tastes and experiences Hong Kong has to offer, and discover Hong Kong to create their own unique authentic experience,” she added.

Apart from the food, Hong Kong is also the chef’s favorite travel destination because of its booming and stylish fashion scene. The city’s attractions also never fail to delight families, just like Fores who used to bond with her son by visiting Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park.

The less known side of the city – natural landscapes, green mountains, beaches, outlying islands and breathtaking scenery – add excitement to one’s thirst for adventure and exploration suitable for a healthy lifestyle.

Dining tops the list of Hong Kong visitor—from unique local street food to Michelin-starred restaurants to world-class international cuisine

In line with the campaign, Hong Kong Tourism Board deputy executive director Becky Ip said they want Filipino visitors to see, feel and have a taste of the best Hong Kong can offer through the eyes of locals.

Four videos starring local personalities and the city’s stunning skyline and scenery showcase the very best of Hong Kong – focusing on gourmet dining, fashion & entertainment, family adventures by land, sea and sky, and the Great Outdoors – all introduced by locals who know Hong Kong best.

“This campaign takes Hong Kong to new heights as a destination by connecting and inspiring Filipinos, especially young people and families, to travel to Hong Kong and experience the best and most authentic Hong Kong moments,” she said.

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