Cherie Gil to produce tribute for dad Eddie Mesa



It’s been months since Showbuzz had a lengthy chat with seasoned and respected actress Cherie Gil. But as always, it was was the same pleasant and bubbly lady that sat down with this columnist on the set of the new GMA Network Saturday series “Tadhana,” which Marian Rivera is hosting.

Cherie, along with Kris Bernal, are the featured actresses in the show’s pilot episode, and were in the middle of taping an intense scene when Showbuzz arrived. The snippet shockingly ended with Cherie throwing a ladle of boiling oil on Kris, who screamed in pain!

After the director shouted, “Cut!” however, Cherie stayed put deep in thought on the set.

“I have a suggestion,” she stated. “Parang dapat, mas malakas at mas masakit ang sigaw ni Kris. I don’t know… Yun lang ang feeling ko. It’s boiling oil that I threw on her. It should be very painful that she screams in extreme pain. I don’t know… What do you think?”

They repeated the scene and indeed, one could almost feel Kris’ pain as she screamed, her eyes filled with fear.

Cherie was right.

“I always want to help my co-actors,” she explained when she finally approached Showbuzz. “I believe that if my co-actor needs help, especially if she asks me, I will not hesitate to give suggestions. This is not the first time I worked with Kris. We were together in ‘Time Of My Life’ so we know each other.”

Contravida roles of course are not new to Cherie. She has portrayed almost every type of villain on TV and the movies. But this particular character in Tadhana’s episode affected the actress in a different way.

“Maybe because it is based on a true story. I portray the role of Hannah, the Arabian lady boss of Kris who portrays Elvie. Hannah is evil. She doesn’t have a heart. Galit ako sa kanya to the point na parang gusto ko siyang ipahanap,” said added enraged.


Switching to a happier topic, the coming months will see Cherie very busy with work. She has accepted the role of Girl Scout of the Philippines founder Josefa Escoda in an indie movie and is very excited about this. By now, she should have already started shooting.

Besides the movie, Cherie is slated to embark on another project for GMA. It will be a mini-series on climate change, and said she loves the theme and the concept of the show, which will be by lawyer Joji Alonzo.

“I am always interested in anything that has something to do with environment protection. I am so passionate about this advicacy. That’s why when I was offered this mini-series, oo ako agad,” Cherie enthused.

But what excites her most right now is what she considered her most important project to date: producing a tribute show for her dad, veteran actor and singer Eddie Mesa.

“The idea came to me in December 2015 when I did a mini concert with him in Los Angeles. Katuwaan lang but a number of friends from the Filipino community came to watch. I was listening to him sing and also watched him do some dance steps, and I tell, you still has it!”

Cherie feels it’s about time to give such tribute to her dad, and has tapped a number of people to help her mount the show. Her brother Michael De Mesa will direct, and they’ve decided on the title, “Sing Us Your Song Again, The Legacy Of Eddie Mesa.” It goes on stage September 10 at The Theater at Solaire.

“Dad has actually done more than all of us, his children. He climbed the ladder of success from nothing, and I thought it’s time to tell that story seeing that he’s just two years away from being 80. I think that at this point of his life, it should be said that Eddie Mesa’s legacy lives on through us. And so, the whole Eigenmann family wants to honor him for that,” ended Cherie.

* * *

Among the four leading men of Barbie Forteza in “Meant To Be,” it is Jak Roberto who is seriously being linked to the actress. The buzz all began when they were spotted watching a movie together. There is also talk that Jak is really bent on pursuing Barbie because he is wooing not just his leading lady buther parents as well.

Of course, the two are getting teased by friends but these days but they are quick to deny the rumors.

Barbie Forteza and Jak Roberto

“It was only once we went out but people already gave it meaning. Namalisyahan agad. I am not denying that we really went out. Nanood kami ng sine, but that was all it was. I just found out that he hadn’t seen that movie so we agreed that we’d watch it together. Believe me, harmless yun na date,” Barbie explained at length.

“It was supposed to be a group date, actually. Barbie and I wanted to bring Ken (Chan), Ivan (Dorschner) and Addy (Raj) along but they were all unavailable so we ended up watching na kami lang,” Jak seconded.

On Jak exerting extra effort to please Barbie’s parents, the tween queen simply said she is happy that Jak has a very good relationship with her mom and dad. She said her parents find him to be very respectful.

“Actually, it’s not only Jak na gusto ng mom and dad ko. Even sina Ivan, Addy and Ken, pinupuri nila kasi mababait daw at magalang. Saka pag dumating sila sa set and see my parents, binabati nila, kinaka-usap nila and I’m happy that they really give them importance,” Barbie averred.

* * *

After her reign as Miss Earth 2014, Jamie Herrell swears she is done with beauty contests. She is instead focused on her slippers business with a friend.

Jamie is proud to say that her business is one with a good purpose, and that is to help boost tourism in the Philippines.

Jamie Herrell

“This is one of the things that I learned in Miss Earth. Having been born and raised in the US, my knowledge about the Philippines was very limited. It was when I joined Miss Earth that I learned a lot about the country. When I won, I discovered all the more how beautiful the Philippines really is. As I went around and saw it’s natural beauty, I fell in love with the country more and more,” she said.

At the end of her reign, Jamie resolved to stay in Philippines, and wants to help the country in whatever way she can.

Somewhere along the way, the slippers business opportunity came, and Jamie shared, “We are now into manufacturing flip-flops called Isla 7107 because the Philippines has 7,107 islands. It boasts of different Philippine tourist spots as designs. Of course we also have slippers with the map of the Philippines with the three stars and the sun.”

The former Miss Earth is happy to note that the flip-floos are selling very well in different department stores all over the country. They are now in talks with some distributors abroad for distribution in other parts of the world.

“That way, we will be able to get the attention of people from other countries on what they can see and enjoy in the Philippines,” she enthused.

* * *

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