• Chief Justice ‘worried’ about her job under Duterte govt


    Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is allegedly “worried” about the security of her job under the administration of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte.

    Highly placed sources at the Supreme Court (SC) told The Manila Times over the weekend that Sereno is suffering from stress as President Benigno Aquino 3rd approaches the end of his term on June 30.

    It was Aquino who had appointed Sereno as the country’s top magistrate.

    Many SC justices allegedly dislike her for ignoring seniority in the High Court.

    Associate Justice Antonio Carpio, the most senior justice, apparently was overlooked by Aquino ifor the top SC post.

    Like Duterte, Carpio is also from Davao City, where the incoming President has been mayor for more than two decades.

    The SC sources pointed out that Sereno worried because she lost her supposed bet on Sen. Grace Poe–ensuring that she will not be disqualified from the presidential race and declare her as natural-born Filipino citizen.

    Sereno was even accused by her fellow justices of “lawyering” for Poe during oral arguments on the senator’s residency and citizenship.

    The sources said the Chief Justice was having “palpitations” and usually absented herself from office to have medical check-ups.

    Despite these issues, Sereno has told SC employees that she will finish her term even beyond that of Duterte.

    During the 115th anniversary of the Supreme Court last Friday, Sereno said in her message that it will be her fourth year as Chief Justice and that she has 14 more years left in her term of office.

    “Magkakasama pa tayo sa loob ng 14 na taon [We will be together in the next 14 years],” she told the crowd.

    Sereno will mark her fourth year in office on August 24 and she will reach 70 years old, the age of retirement, on July 2, 2030.


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    1. CJ Sereno i suppose, was appointed based on her qualifications just like any other honorable senior justices who were also qualified. It’s not her to blame if she was chosen and appointed by the president of the land. She since then performed well of what her office requires her. As to non-satisfction or those not favorable with her decisions, as it come up thru lenghty deliberations in enbanc sessions, it is our character that shows apprently how we deal with the term RESPECT to the magistrate. They are there as safeguard of the contitution all we have to do is to support and respect the administrators of justice. If we spread pretensions and false accusations, who then will respect the judicial system where all of us is protected by its existence and that those who administers justice are the ones we criticizes without solid basis. Let PEACE begin with you and me. Just like what President-Elect Duterte said the very 1st statement he said after winning the race: It’s over.. Let start the healing process. Let us unite the Filipino people and the whole nation. Let us all be part of his aim for peace and progress happen in his administration of tis beloved nation. ….

    2. Magbitiw ka na Sereno dahil nilapastangan mo ang ating institusyon when you allow grace poe to run for President using your influence. Resign ka na.

      • Juliet kulay blue on

        Siguradong kaliwat kana ang banat sa kanya ni DU30 kasi ay abogado ang presidente.Si pnoy ay nga nga pagdating sa batas kaya marami ang nagsamantala…Pauulanan daw ni sereno ng TRO si DU30 lalo na sa mga kaso nahaharapin ni abnoy..Dito na siguro magkakagulo ang tao pag di nahatulan si panot..Di lahat ng magistrate at kay sereno

    3. You have all reasons to be worried for being an SC as you are so unjust you think you are above the law that you bent it for personal interest, you molested it…you dont deserve to be there in the Supreme court, not to mention your mental state…we know you failed the psychological exam. It is common knowledge… Pnoy is so abnoy to have appointed you…

    4. Impeach CJ Sereno.

      Mental state is in question and psycho/neuro test result kept from public. Why hide this if there is no problem? CJ and at the same time defense counsel for Grace Poe. Statistics used as part of the basis for ruling in favor of Grace Poe.

      Impeach CJ Sereno.

      • Juliet kulay blue on

        worried si sereno dahil si pnoy ay popular sa senate, Si digong ay popular sa masa..malaking pagkakaiba dahil sa senate ay balimbingan lang ang laro.. Pag nagkamali ka ng desisyon at may papaboran,diyan magagalit si Digong dahil tawag diyan at corruption

    5. The OIC SC justice Sec,Sereno. should be impeached in the coming Duterte administration, most BS Aquino appointed SC justices are not qualified to their positions. Sereno is very qualified office lawyer not SC Chief Justice, Resign now!.

    6. In the first place she should have not been the cj. She was just appointed as cj so that she could be used by pnoy to achieve his selfish motives

    7. I think that sereno (Sira na!) is a pawn of dudirty. She supported poe (pooh) so that votes against dudirty will be divided.

    8. troadio b. abitona on

      Well, what goes around, comes around. You showed your bias during the Poe’s hearing and even twisted the law to suit you master’s wish. There’s nothing better to do than resign with dignity. Remember, CJ Corona was impeached simply because he does not fit ABNOY’s taste. I bet you don’t fit neither.

      • Juliet kulay blue on

        But Abnoy used the wrong way of getting rid on Corona ” by all cost”
        Du30 cannot do the same way as abnoy..due process of law.

    9. Jose Rodrigueza on

      She should be impeached or resign it’s only fitting for her to go alongside the incompetent, and corrupt administration. She made a mockery of that position.

    10. Mariano Patalinjug on

      Yonkers, New York
      13 June 2016

      Supreme Court Chief Justice MARIA LOURDES SERENO has security of tenure and that gives her till she reaches the age of 70 to continue in her lofty position as Chief Justice.

      But she must be suffering “conscience pangs” the ridiculous if not unbecoming way she behaved pretty much as Grace Poe’s lead counsel during the oral arguments on Poe’s disqualification case, relegating Alex Poblador, Poe’s lead counsel,to a secondary role!

      If she does not know that a President Duterte cannot simply remove her by executive action, then she does not deserve to be a justice of the Supreme Court, let alone the Chief Justice. She can be removed only by IMPEACHMENT.


      • Of course, she knows that only impeachment can remove her and it’s inevitable.

      • Juliet kulay blue on

        Talo si sereno pag ang issue ay tungkol ke Grace..unless she amend the law illegally.Paano yung ibang magistrate na bumoto ,de sabit din sila

    11. Mayrun siyang issue sa kanyang Psychiatric Test. Malamang sa hindi mababaliw yan dahil sa kaiisip sa kanyang mga palpak na disisyon. Magsama na lang sila ng Padrino niya sa Mental Hospital. Ang Karma nga naman napaka bilis.

      • george gascon on

        So same with the Mayor, he should also be impeached because of his mental state.

      • Juliet kulay blue on

        george gascon says
        Tang ina ka..16 million ang bumoto ke du30. ni wala sa bulbol ang boto mo..ilan kaaaaaaaaaaaaa……

    12. SERENO WILL BE ALWAYS A TARGET OF IMPEACHMENT for her bias favoring poequino and her flip flop on the DAP AND PDAF. she forced her way to get poequino to run for president even if the evidence showed otherwise. just like moral less, better pack your bags and be ready to evacuate

    13. Daming maka BInay na naglalabas ng galit dito ah. I believe Sereno will be the CJ even after the term of Du30. She is intelligent and just.

      • Balakubak ni pnoy on

        puwedeng ilaban ng contest ang mga desisyon niya at may pinapaboran Corruption yan bata……..

    14. Pierre Raspeguy on

      The House of Reps is controlled by Duterte …… the Senate is also controlled by Duterte ….. all it now takes is a viable impeachment complaint filed with the House of Reps. The Corona template is there, and just like what the great Yogi Berra said, “It’s Deja Vu all over again.” Those pissed off with Sereno will now start looking for something to use against her.

      • Balakubak ni pnoy on

        Pnoy used of FDAP at DAP to bribe the same people ,duterte is trying to please..But as DU30 said before,,if the congress go against his changes,with the support of people [not politicians] he can abolished both branches of government,

    15. What can you do? If you are not partisan and strongly identified with Pinoy adm, then you don’t have to worry..If you allowed yourself to be used by Pinoy adm..then your feeling of insecurity is valid–it’s fear of losing your post? Is this the real meaning of your life journey–seek spiritual, then maybe you can still make it to eternal life with bliss .

    16. How about being impeached? Most lawyers who know their knowledge of the law of the land were disgusted in your leadership and ruling especially on poe’s.

    17. He, he he. She should be. She isn’t qualified for the position. She is using it for her personal interest. The case of Sen. Grace Poe-Llamanzares revealed her intentions. She made an error in judgment. She misjudged the electorate capacity to choose a genuine leader. People actually disdain Pnoy’s choice for her to become the Chief Justice. She is wanting in integrity.

    18. We don’t need a mediocre Chief Justice . Sereno has to Go , or fall back in line.
      She has manipulated her way into the Justice system . She could have turned down Aquino if she indeed had Principle. Courtesy Resignation is an option for her . What she did on Poe’s case is unacceptable !

    19. Pilipino Ako on

      Worried because she knows she did many things wrong. She will be lucky if she is not impeached this year. But impeachment maybe good for her, she can enjoy her private life with BS Aquino and Grace Poe-Llamanzares in her company. And she can do lawyering for the interests that matter to her most. Goodbye soon, MaL Sereno!

    20. Lourdes Sereno knows she is not qualified to be CJ nor a member of the Supreme Court but because she was trying her best to ingrate herself to PNoy by making comments favoring whatever PNoy plans, she was gifted first with a postion as Associate in the SC and after Renato Corona was impeached to is liking, appointed an inexperienced and looney lawyer to be CJ. Sereno should also be impeached for making illegal decisions.

    21. jeff jaramillo on

      Supreme corrupt ang supreme court under sereno.. matulog ka na lang, baybee.