China affairs minister Wang Yu-chi resigns


TAIPEI: Taiwan’s minister for China affairs announced his resignation Tuesday to take responsibility for forcing his former deputy to resign last year after suspecting that he had leaked official secrets.

Wang Yu-chi, the head of the Cabinet’s Mainland Affairs Council (MAC), said at a press conference that he felt sorry for the social turmoil caused by the case involving former MAC deputy chief Chang Hsien-yao and that he would take responsibility for it.

Wang’s move came soon after Taipei prosecutors announced earlier on Tuesday that they would not indict Chang for allegedly leaking secrets to China because of a lack of evidence.

Wang said he did not agree with the view of the prosecutors but had no choice but to respect it based on his respect for the judicial system.

He nonetheless felt “very disappointed and powerless” over the outcome, he said.

The MAC did its utmost to provide data and information to the prosecutors, but the prosecutors needed further evidence to support its investigation, Wang said.

Chang was forced to resign in August 2014. The official account given on August 16 was that Chang wanted to quit for family reasons and that Wang had tried but failed to change his mind.

After Chang revealed that he had been told to resign, however, the MAC said that he was being investigated for allegedly leaking information related to Taiwan’s China policy.

The MAC then referred the case to law enforcement agencies, which have questioned Chang, Wang and other officials since last fall.

Chang became a deputy chief of the Mainland Affairs Council in February 2012.

He was also Taiwan’s deputy chief negotiator with China from February 2014 in his capacity as vice chairman of the quasi-official Straits Exchange Foundation.



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