China air defense zone a threat to region – DFA


(By Bernice Camille V. Bauzon and AFP, Top Stories, November 29, 2013)
Phl government responses as we know it … always late so this politicians who are incharge in the government right now, im sure whatever happen to the country if war broke out, they will just pack their things and leave the pilipino people empty handed



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  1. Rosauro Feliciano on

    What else can we do? Understandably what we can do is just to complain through diplomatic channel. We don’t have the military resources to confront China. After the termination of the US bases in our country, not one of our politicians came out seriously suggesting that we must raise money for research and development to modernize our military. What happened was majority of our politicians enriched themselves while in power through grafts and corruptions and did their best to cling in power even in their old age. Of course I am not saying all our politicians; what I am saying majority of them. Now this incumbent administration is doing its best to correct the problem besetting our nation but the old bright boys instead of doing their job as what we expect them to do are wasting our taxed money in debates that end nowhere. Is this true or not?

  2. The ambitious Future President is now moving to gather votes and sympathy from the victims of Typhoon Yolanda by trying to divert his Tax Liabilities and fooling BUGOK and Bobo Pinoys who can be fooled immediately by this dishonest Tongressman by making himself popular to the poor masses. If this Tongressman will become our president our country will turn into more poor country cause he himself can’t understand the Phil Taxation Law. It’s better for china to Nuke Philippines so that another new generation of honest young Pinoys will lead if there or will live after that. Nakakasawa na ang mga Kasinungaling ng mga famous but stupid BUGOK Bobo!

  3. how is the pace of the AFP modernization going? it seems slow especially now after the Yolanda wrath. some lawmakers want to cancel the FA-50 orders from South Korea, and prefer C-130 cargo planes. actually we need both. when will the lawmakers buy some jet fighters? after China attacked and killed thousands? just like yolanda’s wrath killed thousands because of lack of logistics by the AFP and lack of preparation and training. with the PDAF cancelled permanently, those monies should be channeled to the logistics the AFP needed to prepare for disasters and security threats or attacks by our enemies. It looks like our lawmakers brain needs some modernization too. lack of vision. but just for their own personal ineterests. its time to change these people to more pro active visionaries for the country.