• China continues to bully


    Dear Sir,
    China has thought of many tactics to gain control of the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea). Its Chinese media has reported that it will deploy regular patrols in the disputed islands, which it claims as a whole, even if for Phl, China cannot extend its EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) beyond 200 nautical miles from Mainland China and Hainan Island. The sea patrols will be deployed in islands partly claimed by Phl, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Brunei

    These islands and islets have precious oil reserves and this is why China is doing everything to claim it. It is of enormous economic value and opportunities. For its part, it is but appropriate and legal that the Department of Foreign Affairs has raised the issue and reminded China that it cannot conduct these regular sea patrols in territories outside of its jurisdiction. It is considered as an illegal act of China against the Philippines, another incursion.

    China seems to be speeding up its territorial expansion by instantly implementing unjust laws on the sea, deployment of sea patrols and what else tomorrow? Let’s be watchful as China is really very determined to claim what does not belong to it.

    Armando S. Litonjua
    Calamba City


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    1. If war breaks out because of miscalculation by any party, China will be in the losing end. PH will be the underdog and the world will rally behind the country. China can not afford hostility in China Sea because they’ll lose a lot and gain nothing.