• China gives P90M to typhoon victims


    PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte said the Philippines has received a total of P89.8 million in aid from China for the victims of Super Typhoon “Lawin” (international name ‘Haima”), with “no strings attached.”

    ‘FRIENDS AND BROTHERS’ President Rodrigo Duterte (right) receives a check for P50 million in aid to farmers and fishermen in typhoon-struck regions from Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua in Malacañang Monday night. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

    ‘FRIENDS AND BROTHERS’ President Rodrigo Duterte (right) receives a check for P50 million in aid to farmers and fishermen in typhoon-struck regions from Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua in Malacañang Monday night. MALACAÑANG PHOTO

    The President issued the statement during his meeting with Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua in Malacañang Monday night.

    “This will go a long way to rehabilitate and return the people, our countrymen to normal life. For our country it will surely go a long way,” he said.

    The Chinese government committed P50 million in aid to farmers and fishermen in typhoon-affected regions. On top of this, China will give P35 million to the Philippines’ anti-disaster efforts.

    The Red Cross Society of China will also provide humanitarian aid of $100,000.

    The President said the assistance was purely out of China’s “benevolence.”

    “These are the amounts that the Chinese government has given us by way of help. By the way, no strings attached,” Duterte said.

    Zhao said it was China’s “duty and responsibility” to help those affected by disasters.

    “As friends, as brothers it’s our duty and responsibility to provide assistance to the victims of typhoon,” he said.

    Super typhoon Lawin, with winds of 225 kilometers per hour, hammered most parts of northern Luzon last week and is considered the strongest typhoon to hit the country this year. It left billions of pesos in damage and at least 12 casualties.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed sympathy and condolences to the visiting President Duterte during their bilateral talks in Beijing on October 20.

    Duterte was in China when the Philippines was hammered by Lawin.


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    1. Thank you CH for the Aide :) It is truly will be helpful to the PH. I am pretty sure it is deeply appreciated by many. I just hope our fellow Pinoys will not misuse it or steal it away from the Victims of the Typhoon. There really are plenty of corrupt people in the government| I know a neighbor who works at Manila City Hall and he talks of corruption over the cellphone along our street| I heard of it, years ago. Unfortunately, I am a simple citizen and cannot do anything about it.

      There is also a neighbor living at the apartments of my City Hall Employee HomeHoodie| he is PNP Ariel and he used to tolerate the Kabayo Karera of his wife’ s relative, years ago. No action from the government regarding these bad acts from their officials.

      BTW, my Manila City Hall Employee Jerry’ s apartment has no fire exit + it doesn’ t have license at the Mayor’ s Office to Operate| 3 apartments at PHp4, 500/ each: no permit and doesn’ t pay the Tax (if they should be paying one).

      There’ s also a Taxi Driver at a Supreme Court Attorney Alacantara| mang Boy the Taxi Driver: he doesn’ t have registration at LTFRB and he makes pasada + my neighbors rides his Taxi too even without papers from the government. I did email DOTC about it but they didn’ t take action. Until now he still gets pasahero without lisensya :P

      Oh, yes beside our house is an apartments that doesn’ t have fire exits| the Barangay Chairman has knowledge of it.

      My area is Barangay 143-Zone 43.

    2. I am an ofw based in Riyadh and I am from Sto. Tomas, Isabela. I am posting this hoping that it will reach the government. The town of Sto. Tomas was isolated during the typhoon Lawin because the bridges connecting Delfin Albano to Sto. Tomas have been declared by the DPWH as completed but on the ground, the reality is not. They left the bridges incomplete for years and the last time I went on leave it’s beginning to break apart. Then came Super typhoon Lawin. The other bridge connecting Cabagan, Isabela and Sto. Tomas were elavated to a low level and the quality wasn’t really good so it naturally broke down when a huge flow of water rushed in. The breakdown of these bridges has isolated the town and gave a hard time to our current government to reach out to the residents of my town. At this moment, only a few barangays have received relief goods. Majority of the barangays including my birth place have not received any assistance. Majority of the people are farmers and what they are assistance to start planting again. The people loaned for their palays and they were expecting their harvest this month unfortunately lawin came in and destroyed their ricefields. They are now indebted to loan sharks in Sto. Tomas. What can a relief goods do for them. It can of course help but we appreciate if the government can help them provide financial aid to start planting rice so they can grow and harvest and pay their debts.

    3. bakit wala sa Inquirer ang balitang ito. Tuta ba ng kano ang Inquirer. Or yung mga bleeding yellow hearts di nila matangap ito na poor si Uncle Sam at hindi na ma-reach si Uncle Zi(very rich na kasi)