• China grid firm to assist in restoration


    The State Grid Corp. of China (SGCC) has offered to send a team of experts that will assist the Philippine’s power grid operator in the restoration of transmission lines.

    SGCC is a shareholder and technical partner in the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP).

    It was reported earlier that for the restoration of the typhoon-stricken transmission lines will cost as much as P1.1 billion.

    To provide all the necessary support to its technical partner and to expedite restoration time, SGCC is sending a team of experts on high voltage direct current (HVDC), and transmission line design and construction to the Philippines.

    In a letter to NGCP, SGCC Vice President Du Zhigang expressed the firm’s sympathy and condolences over the extent of damage to lives and properties caused by Super Typhoon Yolanda, including the loss of power supply and transmission facilities.

    Details on the arrival and scope of work of the technical team have yet to be finalized, NGCP noted.

    Henry Sy Jr., NGCP president and chief executive officer, said the assistance that SGCC will be providing will help them fast-track the repair and restoration of affected power facilities to meet the Department of Energy’s (DOE) deadline.

    “With around 1,400 line personnel [including hired con-tractors from all over the country]already deployed in the Visayas, NGCP is going all out, in terms of resources and manpower,” Sy said.

    “With SGCC’s full support, the direction of the DOE, and the cooperation of the National Electrification Administration and other agencies involved, and the hard work and determination of our line crews, we are confident that we will be able to fulfill this commitment to bring back power soon to the Visayas,” he added.

    SGCC has expressed concern over the possibility of secondary disasters such as landslides that could endanger NGCP employees currently working in remote sites to restore power lines.

    Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla said on Wednesday that approxi-mately P2 billion needed in order to restore power in areas hit by Super Typhoon Yolanda. Even with insurance, part of the costs will likely be passed on to consumers.


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