China hits PH move ahead of sea row ruling


BEIJING: China on Wednesday accused the Philippines of ignoring requests for dialogue about their maritime dispute as tensions rise before an international tribunal’s ruling on the territorial row.

The Philippines has “unilaterally closed the door of settling the South China Sea issue with China through negotiation,” China’s foreign ministry said in a lengthy statement published by the official Xinhua news agency.

The statement came a day after the end of an annual meeting between the US and China in Beijing, at which the two countries failed to make progress on the issue.

China asserts ownership over nearly all of the sea despite competing claims by several of its Southeast Asian neighbors, and has rapidly built artificial islands suitable for military use.

Manila accuses China of effectively taking control of Scarborough Shoal, one of the contested areas, in 2012 and has brought a case against Beijing to the Permanent Court of Arbitration at The Hague.

China has shunned the proceedings and said it will not recognize any ruling.

In the statement, the foreign ministry said Beijing and Manila, in 1995,  agreed to settle disputes through talks and negotiation.

It alleged that  the Philippines had ignored proposals to create a consultation mechanism on disputes at sea.

The ministry did not specify how such consultations would be different from the numerous exchanges the countries have had on the issue.

It blamed Manila for the dramatic worsening in the two countries’ relations and in the peace and stability of the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea).

The Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Vietnam have competing claims to China, and object to Beijing’s island-building.

Washington says such construction, which includes military-capable airstrips, threatens freedom of navigation.

It has sent warships close to Chinese-claimed reefs, angering Beijing.



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  1. Juan T. Delacruz on

    The Philippine Government should not make any negotiations and the next U.S.-Philippine military exercise will be held in Palawan. They should create a scenario where they are going to forcefully take back the Scarborough Shoal and amphibious assault in the scattered islands and the two artificial islands that the Chinese just built. After taking over the artificial islands, they should plant Philippine Flags and Philippine Navy personnel would be the first inhabitant of those two artificial islands. Tell the Americans to Park their Aircraft Carrier group in South China Sea, have the U.S. Air Force heavy bombers in Guam, Hawaii, and the ones parked in Northern Autralia be ready, and those Nuclear Power Submarines on stand-by in Subic Bay. Another Aircraft Carrier Group stationed in Sasebo, Japan is on standby, along with the Japanese Self Defense Forces. Another U.S. Carrier Group will be in South Korean Waters to keep an eye of North Koreans. Another 47,000 U.S. Troops in South Korea will be on alert status to deny North Korea’s plan to move South.

  2. Chinese taste their owb medicine, Philippines has almost beg for the Chinese to resoect EEZ, when they took ove mischief reef, they dont borher to talk, they stab the philppines in the heart despute our relationship, they drag the nwgotiation.

    Now they still blaming the Philippines out of desperation.
    Philippine government decision is right, let the law orevail, lets abide by it win or loss.

    For China , they are in desperate mode.They should humble themselves.

    Agee with not to talk to China until the final ruling is out.Stay calm and let the UNCLOS announce the decision.

    Noe Chinese givernment is in desperate mode, internationallyand domestic. Buti nga sa inyo.