China jams US drones

IT’S TIME WE SHOULD TALK ABOUT IT   A composite photo shows a global hawk surveillance drone operated by the US which was reportedly targeted by Chinese electronic jammers from the kagitingan (Fiery Cross) reef which China is believed to be converting into a forward military base. PHOTOS FROM THE WEBSITES OF NORTHROP GRUMMAN AND ASIAN DEFENCE NEWS

A composite photo shows a global hawk surveillance drone operated by the US which was reportedly targeted by Chinese electronic jammers from the kagitingan (Fiery Cross) reef which China is believed to be converting into a forward military base. PHOTOS FROM THE WEBSITES OF NORTHROP GRUMMAN AND ASIAN DEFENCE NEWS

China tried to electronically jam US drone flights over the disputed West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) in order to prevent surveillance on man-made islands Beijing is constructing as a part of an aggressive land reclamation initiative, US officials said.

Global Hawk long-range surveillance drones were targeted by jamming in at least one incident near the Spratly Islands, where China is building military facilities on kagitingan (Fiery Cross) Reef, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

The reported incident follows Thursday reports that the Chinese navy warned a US surveillance aircraft to leave the same area eight times in an apparent effort to establish and enforce a no-fly zone, a demand Washington rejected.

The US Navy has released footage taken from the P-8 Poseidon surveillance plane, which received several warnings from the Chinese military to retreat as it flew over the South China Sea — home to vital shipping lanes.

The footage showed a flotilla of vessels carrying out reclamation works in one lagoon, and an airstrip under construction on another island.

A CNN crew on board captured a tense radio exchange between the US aircraft and Chinese forces.

“This is the Chinese navy… This is the Chinese navy… Please go away… to avoid misunderstanding,” a voice can be heard telling the Americans.

The Chinese navy issued eight such warnings during the P-8’s flight near Fiery Cross Reef, one of the sites of Beijing’s land reclamation effort, CNN reported.

American pilots replied in each case that they were flying through “international airspace”.

“This is the Chinese navy … This is the Chinese navy … Please go away … to avoid misunderstanding,” a radio call in English from an installation on Fiery Cross said. The warnings were reported by CNN, which had a crew on the aircraft.

US Vice President Joe Biden criticized China on Friday for unilaterally claiming disputed islands in the South China Sea through such means as pushing ahead with massive reclamation work despite international objections.

“We do unapologetically stand up for the equitable and peaceful resolution of disputes and for the freedom of navigation,” Biden said in an address at a graduation ceremony at the Naval Academy in Maryland.

“Today these principles are being tested by Chinese activities in the South China Sea,”
Biden said.

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren said the United States does not recognize China’s sovereignty claims over the new islands. He added that flights and US Navy ships will continue their routine patrols, but will maintain a distance of at least 12 miles from the island.

Buildup of forces
Details of the drone interference are classified, but last week, David Shear, the assistant defense secretary for Asian and Pacific security affairs, said Global Hawks are deployed in Asia as one element of a buildup of forces near the South China Sea.

“We’re engaged in a long-term effort to bolster our capabilities in the region,” Shear told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“Just a few examples of the increases in our capabilities in the region include the deployment of Global Hawks and F-35s. Soon we will be adding to the stock of V-22s in Japan as well.”

Shear said the Pentagon estimates that China will complete construction of an airfield on Fiery Cross Reef by 2017 or 2018.

Meanwhile, rapid militarization has security experts worried about the potential for a conflict.

Rick Fisher, a China military affairs analyst, said China could increase pressure on the United States to halt surveillance flights in Asia by first attacking one of the unmanned aircraft flights.

“Though UAVs like the Global Hawk are rather expensive, they are also regarded as more expendable because they are unmanned,” Fisher, a senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, told the Washington Free Beacon.

“But failing to defend these UAVs runs the risk of China viewing them as ‘fair game’ to shoot down whenever they please.”

Beijing also might attempt to capture a Global Hawk by causing one to crash in shallow water, or by attempting to snatch one in flight using a manned aircraft, Fisher said.

China victory
China on Friday declared victory over an encounter with a US surveillance aircraft overflying the contested West Philippine Sea (South China Sea), saying its military “drove away” the intruder with radio warnings.

Beijing is in the throes of a rapid land-reclamation program in the area, building artificial islands and facilities including an airstrip — raising tensions with Washington and the risk of a standoff on the high seas.

China regards almost the whole of the South China Sea as its own and the foreign ministry condemned the overflight as “highly irresponsible and dangerous”, warning that such actions could cause “unwanted incidents”.

Foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a regular briefing in Beijing: “China garrison troops drove it away by radio in accordance with relevant regulations.

“US actions have posed threats to the security of Chinese maritime features, it is highly likely to cause unwanted incidents, it’s highly irresponsible and dangerous. We are strongly dissatisfied with this.”

He urged the US not to take “any risky and provocative actions”, saying China would “take proper and necessary measures to guard against any harm to China’s maritime features and incidents in waters and airspace,” he added.

China’s state broadcaster, CCTV, played part of the CNN footage showing the Chinese navy ordering the US plane out of the area with Chinese subtitles.

Peaceful solutions
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is calling for a peaceful solution to territorial disputes in the South China Sea, where China’s assertiveness has alarmed its smaller neighbors.

Ban told reporters in Hanoi on Friday that he Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang discussed regional security concerns, including the South China Sea. He said he had consistently called on all parties to resolve their disputes through dialogue and in conformity with international law.

Vietnam, along with the Philippines, is one of the most vocal critics of China’s activities in the disputed waters, where Beijing has begun creating artificial islands through massive land reclamation. Other claimants include Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan.

Ban says it is important to avoid actions that could provoke or exacerbate tensions in the region.



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  1. jacqueline l berdon on

    Dapat gumawa na ng hakbang ang gobyerno ng Pilipinas. dapat dagdagan mga Frigates natin at dagdagan ang Jet fighters ung ready to use na, kasi kung mag order pa ng bago 3 taon pa magawa eh kung ngayon natin kailangan? bka bago matapos ang ipinagawa na mga aircraft at frigates tapos na ang giyera nasakop na tyo ng china.. of course mag procure parin ng mga brandnew aside sa mga ready to use dba? dagdagan ang frigate tulad ng brp gregorio del pilar sana mag add pa ng 2 ung may naka install harpoon missile. at magbili ang gobyerno ng anti ship missile damihan at anti aircraft missile. bili ng jas 39 gripen NG, KFIR block 60 or F/A 18 super hornet. ung frigates tulad ng maestrale class. tpos bili din ng man pad portable missile pra sa mga infantry mga 1000 piraso. tpos mag dagdag pa tyo ng personnel sana aabot ang active service ng 200,000 kasi estimate sa ngayon nasa 125, 000 lng ang member ng AFP.

    • ung AFP modernization masyadong matagal kasi 15 years paano yan hintayin pba natin 15 years ngayon natin kailangan? kaya nman mag armas ang AFP tulad ng taga ibang bansa eh ang singapore nga napakaliit malaki pa nga ang quezon city pero mas high tech mga armas nla frigates at jet fighters tayo pa kalaki nga pilipinas dba?

  2. Sana’y Mag kakaisa ang ating mga Lider hindi Abala sa Politika para hanapin ng paraan paano natin ihanda ang ating AFP sa darating na Panahon hindi tayo bina boly ng China ….

  3. mel amarillo on

    If indeed a shooting war occurs whatever will happen to the economy in the US, China and the World? I know very little about Finance, funds and money handling. They say finance is an art of handling, transfering money from one country to another or transfer money from one hand to another…until it disappears. The question will the US, when worse comes to worst freeze Chinese funds in US banks until it….
    You probably don’t know that China is the world’s largest holder of US dollars. The US owes China billions of dollars.

  4. Ronto Caniada on

    The Philippine government voted for kick out the U.S. military forces from Subic Bay and Clark Airbase. Now what are you going to do when the Chinese military forces ran you over.

  5. That is Philippine territory. D pinoys should kick the Chinese invaders but noo they won’t because they like maling more than spam ahahaha…Philippines s d mistress of uncle SAM…no plans to marry that’s why the Philippines will take China its new lover hahahaha

  6. Americans can not be bullied by Chinese, militarily or financially, for the American technology is far more superior to that of the Chinese or any country in the world! American can strangle China’s economy by boycotting its product and ban imports and close U.S. Markets for Chinese imports. U.S. Can also declare a financial moratorium by withholding to redeeming its issued US treasury bonds , US treasury bills.
    Since the “bone of contentions” are seas and islands within the jurisdictional authorities by several countries under the international las of the Seas, China will be alone in its stand to grab these islands claimed by the Philippines and other ASEAN country, not to mention that China is intruding into international waters for free navigation and international ocean lanes for international shipping of commerce. To choke these international shipping lanes for commerce will be an act restraint of international trade which countries including the US, Japan and ASEAN nations will resist strongly with diplomatic and military might. By claiming territorial sovereignty and actually reclaiming and building structures on the disputed islands in the south China seas is an act of territorial grab and bullying of its Asian neighbors and the Asian region. China’s refusal to join in in the arbitration of the island territorial disputes filed by the Philippines under the Laws of The Seas , indicates China’s weak legal international stand. China’s reclamation of the island may indicate occupation by force and threat and evidence of exercise of sovereignty over a possession and ownership of property, is not tenable under the UN Laws of the Seas.
    The Philippine authorities must be actively pursuing its claim on the West Philippine sea (Spratly islands) and others to the UN and ASEAN support, and other major international traders which uses the South China sea lanes for international shipping and commerce. China must be stopped to physically occupy and build its airstrip structures in the disputed islands by ALL means necessary.

    • You are senile old man. Those islands belong to China, according to a documents from 5BC.

  7. jerrybertfrancisco on

    palagay ko sadya lang na pinababayaan ng US ang construction ..then pag nakatayo na tsaka babanatan ang tsekwas …dont forget that US is a powerful country ..tough 1 well organized and focus when we talk about combatting until matapos nila ang project nila then yun ang time na mag bibigay sila ng pressure at stress ,..syempre nga naman mag rereact ang china dahil laki na ng nagastos nila..but what is China sa US ang kano lang naman ang nag open ng door sa kanila para umusbong sila at makilala..pero 10 times na silang nabasa ng kano…so dont worry i think im getting the point of US bakit di pa sila nagawa ng drastic action sa drastic action na ginagawa ng mga tsekwa…sa bandang huli ang sisi ng mga tsekwas na yan ..

  8. If only U.S move back to America the factories they move to China,not only it will create job back to American but the skill in manufacturing will come back.If only Walmart stop buying from China instead buys it from the ASEAN countries except Malaysia who got a very large population of Chinese.

  9. Just make the Arm Forces strong. Use all the money derive from Malampaya gas to modernize it. Build up slowly. Do not buy tutubi planes. It is only when you are strong that bulliy nation will think twice. Re-orient priorities not stealing moneys. Imagine those billions stolen be used to modernize the military?

  10. William Tubig Dungo on

    My Pilipino friends our kababaysn “KABATAAN MAKABAYAN, NPA, GABRIALA, AT IBA PANG ACTIVISTA AGAINST AMERICAN PRESENT IN THE PHILIPPINES” are happy now because their idols Communist China and Communist Russia are in comimg and make philippines as part of country Communist China. This is what they want since PRESIDENT MARCOS WAS IN POWER in1970. They are in our territory West Philippine Sea. They are complaining that US serviveman abuses our ladies, made Pilipino as their slave and left a lot of Ameriasian. Before,the US had the 7th fleet US navy forces in the Pacific because of Zubic Naval Base and Clark USAF Base. Now this elite communist Party of the Philippines “TINABOY” ang American forces kaya itong mga communitang Pilipinong ito ay masaya. So the US Military is just sending a toy (COMPUTER OPERATED DRONE) to counter the chinese aggression because he do not have big aircraft carrier with 100 jet figther and submarine, destroyer, supply ship. All what they left is an amphibios assault group where marine Pemberton is. Ngayon is in prison because he kill a Pilipino gay who polled him because he taught what he was dating is decent and lovely Filipina lady. The amerasian children that left by their GI parent some of them made the Philippines known to the world from Black Eye Peas. Hera in the USA the Philippine Lady who married to US GI are sending a lot of million and million of pesos to help their relative because they are retired and receiving pension from military, US Veterans and SSS. There you love the chinese, japanese, saudi etc. do they love the Pilipino, when they want something after that they make them their slave. In saudi I heard they receive $400.00/mo. only. Sa US as long you’re competent on jour job sky is the limit for you to make money and career. Sa ibang bansa some abuso ang aabutin nang pinoy dahlian ang law nila. My friend, to be continued Tank you

  11. Eddie de Leon on

    In the end the US will give up trying to police the West Philppine Sea and China’s occupation of our reefs, turned into islands with military garrisons and air fields, will be a de facto reality. Then China will be able to impose their No-Fly Zone policy over the West Philippine Sea.
    China will not only be able to assert its military might over the US and the Philippines and Vietnam. It will also command how global trade will continue through the West Philippine (South China) Sea.
    Gago kasi tayong mga Filipino. Sinipa nating ang mga US bases. Pwede naman sanag narito pa rin ang mga US bases pero mas malakas ang boses natin at mas malaki ang papel natin. Yon ang inumpisahang gawin ni Marcos pero hindi napagpatuloy ni Cory.
    Parang gusto ni Abnoy na ipagpatuloy [pero medyo huli na yata. ASt kasi loko-loko yata itong presidente na ito walang kahihinatnan ang mga palpak na proyecto niya.

    • Nope, that is not true. USA will never waiver and will never give up its right to navigate and patrol West Philippine Seas as this is an international zone and not owned by any country like China. USA have already deployed its littoral class warships, which can slice most Chinese warships like cheese wiz, if those Chinese mongoloids have not received the message yet. its funny how these propaganda-hungry ts!nks, like their North Korean counterparts, salivate when videos of their PLA maggot soldiers shout like they scared off USA military. Their government-controlled media failed to report USA military telling them to fhuck off as this area doesnt belong to China or to anybody else. Yeah China cna continue giving out warning, and may get itchy fingers later and attack USA assets. But of course, the consequence to that will be USA military retaliating in kind. Chinese maggots will now see how USA and its allies fight back bullies like them.

    • Agree with Danny and disagree with Eddie with due respect. The big picture here is the Chinese is challenging the US and its allies who will control the West PH sea. It’s a vital lane and PH is always always the first line of defense of the US. This is what all our President and ex-presidents have been saying. PH interest is to get the islands within the 200 miles exclusion zone. What China is doing is clear as crystal. The Chinese Politburo members and not the Chinese people wanted to grab all the lands whatever they could take. I have been in China and even the Chinese businesses disagree with their government why they’re taking islands 1000 kms from their shore.

  12. Wan Ton Sop on

    China became militarily and economically stronger due to outsourcing. The biggest blunder of all …. China can never be trusted ….

  13. Hindi na makakaiwas ang pilipinas,na maging extension ng USA,sa ayaw at gusto natin,tayo ay na sakop na ng US,magpasalamat kayo kay Aquino! At sa BBL,ginawang busy ang lahat upang sa pagising ng lahat!napapalibutan na tayo ng base ng US!
    Sana naging American citizen na lang lahat ng pinoy!

  14. If I am the the remote controller for the American drone, the next time the chinese jam the drone I will target the drone to crash into the chinese reclamation base and blame the chinese for the incidence the chinese can’t conrol the drone when it tried to jam it.

  15. Pete Gabriel on

    The Philippines is under siege by the greedy Communist Chinese. Just look at what they are doing, first we have so many Chinese embedded in the Philippines, just ask anybody that have any memory prior to World War II, there were plenty of Japanese living in the Philippines at that time, once the Japanese took over the country, they turned out to be officers of the Japanese Imperial Army. China is building air and naval bases by reclaiming rocks on Philippine territory, it is not rocket science this is meant to control the sea and air in this body of water where billions of dollars of commerce pass trough, not only that it is rich in minerals as well as fish enough to feed millions of people. Now they are hacking and spying on our digital networks and infrastructure. China has only one aim, to take over and control, and dictate what they want and Philippines will better listen or else. You dirty Philippine politicians take note, there might not be anything left for your greedy appetite for money and power if you don’t get your act together and find a solution to fight this Chinese expansionism.

  16. sonny dela cruz on

    The Communist China’s media is showing their people the incident that happened when they warned the American aircraft to leave the islets which is under construction then, for them is a VICTORY to keep out the American Aircraft out of the site. A very good propaganda to justify their action against the United States. They are now instigating HATES to the Chinese people against the Americans. It is time for the AMERICAN BUSINESSES to leave China and move back to mainland America. Don’t wait for the time when your young American soldiers are dying in the hands of this uncivilized people who never respected the INTERNATIONAL LAW. As I’ve been saying before, for every penny China makes is for their military use to kill your sons and love ones. They still hates the Americans. Don’t let them to be more stronger because it lies the future of every American citizen which is their FREEDOM. Remember China’s culture now is LIE, CHEAT & NO RESPECT, because they never live in a DEMOCRATIC WAY OF LIFE. They have no respect to anybody except them self. Americans please WAKE-UP. China must be STOP NOW before its TOO LATE.