BEIJING: China “monitored” US B-52 bomber flights in its newly declared air defense identification zone, the defense ministry said on Wednesday, in an assertion of its authority that avoided threatening direct action.

The flight of the giant long-range Stratofortress planes was a clear warning that Washington would push back against what it considers an aggressive stance by Beijing in the region.

Beijing’s non-confrontational response elicited scorn from some Chinese netizens as weak in the face of defiance, but analysts said it may never have intended to impose the zone by force.

The Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) in the East China Sea includes Japan-administered islands at the heart of a tense dispute between the two neighbors.

Beijing’s controversial demand that aircraft submit flight plans when traversing it triggered a storm of diplomatic protest, and the Pentagon said the B-52s did not comply with the Chinese rules.

But in a statement, Beijing’s defense ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng said: “The Chinese military monitored the entire process, carried out identification in a timely manner, and ascertained the type of US aircraft.

“China is capable of exercising effective control over this airspace.”

The statement, China’s first official response to the US action, did not include any expression of regret or anger at the flight, and appeared to be relatively mild, while reiterating Beijing’s claim of control.

Under the rules declared by China, aircraft are instructed to provide a flight plan, clearly mark their nationality and maintain two-way radio communication so they can respond to identification queries from Chinese authorities.

Any that do not comply can face “defensive emergency measures,” says Beijing, which portrays the zone as in line with international practice. State-run media say the ADIZ extends as close to Japan as Tokyo’s own zone approaches China.



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  1. louie de la cruz on

    It is proven that China is not as good as the Americans when it comes to military might. They have no democracy at all. They don’t have any resistance during World War 11. They have no balls. They can not shoot so well because of narrowed eyes. Although they have million military men but they will not fight for their country becsuse they don’t have democracy. Not like those countries who have freedom then they will fight to defend and protect democracy.

  2. China is all Bluff! Bluffer china crazy just making rumor mongering but has no balls to apprehend the 2 US B52 Bombers. Stupid china crazy and arrogant Chinese people. US needs to wipe out china in the world map and all Chinese living in other foreign lands must be executed to death so no more Chinese will live on earth.

  3. Rosauro Feliciano on

    China has met its equal and cannot bully unlike as what it does in the Philippine territory a place of contention that is thousand of kilometers from the closest point of China.

    • Roger Semaphore on

      USA is not equal with the China. China is still militarily weak compared with the mighty USA. It cannot withstand the USA.