China on Aquino’s fears: Groundless

HOT SPOT President Benigno Aquino 3rd  points to a copy of China’s nine-dash line map. AFP PHOTO

HOT SPOT President Benigno Aquino 3rd points to a copy of China’s nine-dash line map. AFP PHOTO

BEIJING: China on Wednesday dismissed as “groundless” Philippine President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s warning that the Asian giant’s actions in the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea) should “engender fear for the rest of the world.”

Aquino made his remarks in an exclusive interview with Agence France-Presse on Tuesday, saying China’s increasing bold assertions of its territorial claims could cut access for other nations to vital international shipping lanes and rich fishing grounds in the sea.

China’s foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a regular briefing, “The relevant accusations by the Philippines are groundless.”

Beijing claims sovereignty over most of the South China Sea, using vague demarcation lines that first appeared on Chinese maps in the 1940s, locking it into territorial disputes with several of its neighbors.

When asked to assess recent Chinese government moves, Aquino said, “Does it engender fear? Yes, I think it should engender fear for the rest of the world.”

“The question of it escalating to something beyond everybody’s control should be at the top of the minds of all world leaders,” he added.

Using the Chinese name for the Spratlys, where satellite imagery shows Beijing recently constructed artificial islands, runways and man-made harbors, Hong said, “The Philippines’ territory has never covered the Nansha islands.

“We urge the Philippines to respect China’s territorial sovereignty,” he added.

Hong said Beijing favored resolution of territorial disputes through “negotiation with countries directly concerned, based on respect for historical facts.”

He added that Chinese construction “does not impact or target any other countries, or threaten the security of international shipping lanes and fishing activities.”

The US has weighed in on China’s projects, with a State Department spokesman saying the reclaimed land was “fueling greater anxiety within the region” and might become “militarized.”

US President Barack Obama warned last week that Beijing should not “elbow aside” countries it is in dispute with in the South China Sea.



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  1. Braincleaner on

    Whenever the issue of the Aquino’s surrender of Sabah to Malaysia in collaboration with the US-UK and the MILF emerges and occupies space in tri-media’s reporting, the anti-China propaganda intensifies, masterminded by traitors masquerading as “patriots” to please the US. While all of the ASEAN countries, including similar claimnants themselves line-up for better economic relations, trade with China. And while the US instead of “protecting” us negotiates for more loans $1.3 Trillion to date and investments with China, and in sinister fashion induced dependency through fear from its vassal states like the Philippines. Filipinos with working brains would see these very clearly.

  2. China will not invade the Philippines not even in their wildest dreams. We are too much of a LIABILITY instead of an asset.

  3. Para na ring sinasampal-sampal, dinuduraan at tinataehan na lang ng mga Tsino si Aquino sa mga speech niya. Inutil kasi.

  4. Roldan Guerrero on

    In 2010, most Filipinos were convinced that a miraculous change of governance will occur in the next 6 years. Almost 5 years hence, we now see a complete opposite of what we expected. We are ruled by a stupid, lazy and the most incompetent president who professionalized GROSS LIES whenever he speaks in public. He all all talk. He demonizes the political oppositions, and even lambasts the Church and and the gravest of all is he has NO RESPECT FOR THE CONSTITUTION. Does this mean most Filipinos are also stupid?

    REPLY: Really, NO, most Flipinos are not stupid, they did not vote for BS AQUINO. Sir Roldan, please don’t forget that the people’s true VOTES in the ovals they shaded on the Smartmatic-PCOS machine ballots were not properly counted and some PCOS machines maybe about 30 percent of did not transmit the results to the designated CANVASSING CENTERS and the Comelec proclaim the winners hastily even with about 30 percent of the voes nationwide were not yet in. That is why we have always maintained that President Aquino is our DE FACTO president not DE JURE. Thank you, sir.

  5. Sana wag ng palalain pa ni Aquino ang sitwasyon ,dahil wala rin naman tayong magagawa,may sarili tayong sakop at iyong lumang nakasasad na barko na tinitirhan ng mga sundalo natin ay hindi man lamang maayos o mapinturahan at halos walang makain ang mga sundalo natin!hindi natin halos maipagtangol,
    Nakukuha pa nating makipag-away ngayon yung sarili natin isla ay di natin maisaayos!
    Mag-isip-isip naman tayo!
    Diplomasya at pakikipagkadundo ang pinaka-mabuting magagawa natin hindi pa magbubuwis ng buhay may mapapala pa tayo!
    Tanggapin na natin na hindi natin kayang makipag-giyera lalo na sa china!
    Gago lang ang aasa na tutulungan tayo ng kano!
    Gagamitin lang nila tayo kapag meron silang hindi napagkakasunduan!
    Wag tayong magpaka hanggal!!

    Kaya po ba ang dapat gawin ay dahandahang ibigay a natin sa China an ating Inang Bayan at kinabukasan? Kasi sa susunod na isang dang taon lalong lalakas ang Tsina at baka maging kapanta na ng US bilang superpower at pinakamayamng bayan sa mundo.
    Pakiusapan na lang ba natin sa dpomasya ang Tsina na kupkupin ang Filipinas at gawing tayong lahat na mga ampon ng bayang iyan?