• China pledges P700M to decongest PH jail


    China has pledged funds for a new detention facility in the Philippines as part of its support for President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war, according to the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP).

    Duterte’s unprecedented crackdown has worsened severe congestion in Philippine jails, with Agence France
    Presse (AFP) photographs of Quezon City Jail in July exposing how inmates in one of the nation’s most overcrowded detention facilities took turns to sleep on an open-air basketball court and a staircase.

    Duterte has credited China for supporting his crime war, which the United States and the United Nations have criticized over alleged extrajudicial killings. Beijing has provided funding for rehabilitation and offered weapons for the campaign that has left more than 5,000 people dead.

    BJMP director Serafin Barretto said that during Duterte’s trip to Beijing in October, China offered to donate P700 million ($14 million) for detention facilities.

    “It’s meant to help the anti-crime campaign of our president. It’s really for jails,” he said.

    “We feel happy because this will be a big help to address the lack of resources.”

    Barretto added that his agency decided to use the money to fund the construction of a new Quezon City Jail, which was built six decades ago for 800 inmates but now houses almost 3,000.

    Duterte, 71, took office in June and quickly made good on his campaign promise to launch a brutal drug war that would prevent the Philippines from becoming a narco-state.

    The spike in arrests has packed an underfunded and overwhelmed penal system, with the population in Quezon City Jail soaring to 4,100 in August.

    The number had since gone down after a local court agreed to temporarily admit new inmates to other jails in Manila with more space, warden Randel Latoza said.

    City and jail officials said the AFP report fast-tracked the transfer of land for a new facility that could house 6,000 inmates by 2019 but finances remained a challenge.

    Latoza said the Chinese aid would contribute to funding the new jail estimated to cost p2 billion ($40 million).


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    1. China offered to donate P700 million ($14 million) for detention facilities.

      That would not build even one jail in the US, What kind of jail can you build for that little bit of money ?

      The Philippines has not allocated enough money for to fund a proper detention program ever and it shows doesn’t it ?

      • Materials costs more than that, sure you can make a shanty jail for that kind of money but not a modern jail. How will one shanty jail decongest the over crowded jail population ?

        A six building 400 bed construction cost is around 30 million dollars so a little more than twice what the Philippines has to construct a “jail” that will decongest the other jails, It will cost more than 14 million dollars to fix the jail problem in the Philippines a lot more.