China port city blast death toll rises to four


SHANGHAI: The death toll from a huge explosion in eastern China rose to four on Wednesday as police said two people who were initially reported missing had died when they mishandled illegal explosives. Authorities have said that a man who manufactured and sold explosives had asked relatives to dispose of the material in the port city of Ningbo. DNA tests on human tissue found at the site of Sunday’s blast confirmed that they were the remains of the father and cousin of the suspect, police said in a statement. The blast took place on Sunday in a vacant lot of a crumbling light-industrial area, reducing small buildings to rubble and shattering windows of nearby apartments. Authorities previously said two people were killed and 19 others injured. A 33-year-old suspect surnamed Shan, who had been wanted by police in the northeastern province of Liaoning since late October, was arrested on Monday night.



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