• China says US report on its military ‘distorts facts’


    BEIJING: China’s defense ministry said on Saturday that a US report on its military which accused Beijing of ramping up land reclamation in the disputed South China Sea distorted facts, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

    “The US defense department’s report on China’s military and security development situation distorts facts and continues to play up the ‘China military threat’ cliché,” Chinese defense ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng was quoted as saying.

    He added the US report made “groundless accusations” about China’s intentions regarding national defense, space development, the Internet and military transparency.

    The report repeated accusations that Beijing was staging cyber attacks to gather information on American defence programs.

    Geng made no direct mention of land reclamation in the South China Sea, but said China was justified in upholding its sovereignty in the area.

    The Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on the state of China’s military said China had reclaimed 500 acres in the disputed waters by end-2014.

    But since then, China has conducted reclamation covering 1,500 acres, US officials said Friday as the report was released.

    The South China Sea is home to strategically vital shipping lanes and is believed to be rich in oil and gas.

    Beijing asserts sovereignty over almost the whole of the South China Sea, including areas close to the coasts of other littoral states, using a nine-segment line based on one that first appeared on Chinese maps in the 1940s.

    Washington is concerned China’s efforts carry a military dimension that could undermine America’s naval and economic power in the Pacific.

    “The military build-up aims to maintain sovereignty, security and territorial integrity, and guarantee China’s peaceful development,” Geng said.



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    1. The United States and its allies made China into an economic world power by their investments which China, in turn, invested on its military forces and infrastructure to become an emerging regional military power NOW feared by its neighbors in Asia. May the U.S. and its allies realize their mistakes and undo them NOW before it is too late.

    2. sonny dela cruz on

      The United States should not believe what China is saying. It is in their culture to lie always to acquire anything by hook or by crook. This people are not what the United States think that they are friendly people, not at all. They have hidden agendas to rule the world economically and militarily. The United States open their market and move their manufacturing in mainland Communist China to help build their economy at the expense of the American labor. The American businesses makes a lot of money because of cheap labor and no benefits at all unlike if they operate their businesses inside America but the United States businesses went to Communist China without knowing their culture and hidden agendas. They did not know that for every penny they earned is for their military use. Now, it is worrisome of what China is doing because they have accumulated a lot of money for their defense against the United States and against the friendly nations. They made military alliance with Russia because they know that the relation of Russia to United States are not getting better. They are making alliance with India, knowing that India is not at odds with the United States because of the United States relation with Pakistan. China is making cyber attacks to cripple American businesses, government offices and to acquire government secrets, maybe they have thousands of spies in American soil now because of inflow of Chinese citizen now living in the United States. The United States should encourage American businesses to leave mainland Communist China and come back to American soil or move to friendly nations in the Asia-Pacific region. Start a campaign to buy American products only. Other friendly nations should do their part by promoting any product labeled “MADE IN CHINA” should be trashed. Remember for every penny China makes is for their military use to kill your sons and love ones sooner or later. Communist China cannot “BE TRUSTED”. The United States should know that China is at war with them without declaring it, economically and militarily. Please “UNCLE SAM” do not sleep, open your eyes and ears. The world economy is falling because of China”s manipulation.