• China stepping on its neighbors


    Dear Sir,
    The deployment of troops, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Malaysian and Taiwanese forces in their occupied islets goes to show these Asian neighbors of us are one in denouncing the China incursion. China has more military power and this is why its display of arrogance and authority is very visible. They portray their country as a force to reckon with and its neighbors should not try the idea of going against them. And China is not stopping in putting up structures and men in the disputed islets.

    China should heed warnings and protests and to put a dead ear on diplomacy to solve the issue won’t do any good— it will only add to the tension. Nobody wants war in the region for it would be catastrophic. Our nation is undergoing rebuilding and coping with new disaster risks such as what is happening in Mindanao where heavy rains continue to cause destruction, hunger and displacement.

    We should not allow China or any other nation to lord it over in our seas. We should live in peace and harmony.

    Hajji B. Ansaldo
    OFW, Qatar
    Sampaloc, Manila


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