China to step up aid to Philippines amid controversy


(By AFP, Breaking News, November 14, 2013 )
Let’s stop bickering we need the help of China we may have misunderstanding and indifferent. But these time humanitarian speaks more concern than anything else. China doing good deeds will received the same also if China will struck by disaster. Help is always a noble part of any country not affected by super disaster.

Golden king,


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  1. Makoy from Australia on

    In as much as the Philippines needs aids at the present moment……Why China needs to send their warship???? Dont they have floating hospital? or anything that is civilian in nature. Why countering the Americans and the Japanese is their main concern if they wanted to truly help??? I have a deep suspiscion about their true purpose! Is this going to be a practice invasion by their navy in the future should ” their” generals decide its the right time for it? …….be careful….these Chinese have differrent colours for differrent purpose!!!!

  2. Pidro inggit Lang ang china at buong pacific command ng US at Japan buong pwersang tumutulong sa Atin ngayon at yung china navy busy sa pag gawa ng construction sa Scarborough Shoal habang ang pinas busy sa Tacloban. Mabulaga na naman ang pinas after ng Tacloban at meron ng vertical construction sa Scarborough Shoal. Katawa AFP hoy gising!!!!!

  3. Couldn’t help but hold China’s gesture in suspicion, however, China as world power illustrates that political interest go to the sideline when it comes to helping battered people back to their feet. I’m gratefully impressed. Sana, ito ang manaig – humanitarianism – imbes na militarism – in a big nation’s relations with small ones.