• China urges restraint after NKorea missile launches


    BEIJING: China called for restraint Monday after North Korea test-launched four ballistic missiles, criticizing the move but also suggesting that South Korea and the United States were partly to blame.

    “China is opposed to the DPRK’s launches in violation of the UN Security Council resolutions,” foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a regular press briefing, using the initials of the North’s formal name.

    “Under current circumstances, relevant parties should exercise restraint and avoid anything that would provoke each other or heighten regional tensions.”

    South Korea and the US last week began annual joint military exercises that always infuriate Pyongyang.

    Geng said that last Friday China’s top envoy on North Korea nuclear issues Wu Dawei had called his counterparts in Washington and Seoul.

    Wu warned both countries that “the large-scale joint military exercise between the US and South Korea is not helping with the settlement of the Korean peninsula issue. On the contrary, it may widen divisions and complicate the issue,” Geng said.

    The launch comes at a sensitive time as China’s political elite gather in Beijing for the country’s annual legislative meeting.

    China, North Korea’s sole major ally and main trade partner, has come under pressure to do more to rein in Pyongyang.

    Last month it announced a suspension of coal imports from the North following an earlier rocket launch and the assassination in Malaysia of the brother of the North’s leader Kim Jong-Un.

    The halt infuriated Pyongyang and its state media carried unusual criticism of Beijing for “dancing to the tune of the US.”

    Last week North Korea’s vice foreign minister Ri Kil-Song visited Beijing for discussions. AFP







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    1. Fuc..ng WU, “Tell it to the marines,” the world knows that no matter what China and North Korea will be partners in crime. The US secretary of state “hits the nail on the head” – China must get out of their illegally occupied Philippine sea. Why prolong the agony? The USA, Japan and South Korea must do it NOW! BANATAN NA BAGO PA LUMALA ANG KATARANTADOHAN NG H..DOT NA CHINA! China increased its military spending by 7%, the USA by 10%. DETER OR OBLITERATE the enemies. The other news carrier says American military is bluffing… I don’t think so!