China warns of penalties vs foreigners in West PH Sea


CHINA has warned of penalties against foreigners caught violating its sovereignty over its territorial seas, including the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

State-run Xinhua news agency reported that the Chinese Supreme Court had issued a regulation stating that foreigners as well as Chinese citizens will be pursued for criminal liability if they engage in “illegal hunting or fishing or killing endangered wildlife in China’s jurisdictional seas.”

It said the regulation, which took effect on Tuesday, provides a clear legal basis for China to safeguard maritime order, marine safety and interests, and to exercise integrated management over the country’s jurisdictional seas.

“People’s courts will actively exercise jurisdiction over China’s territorial waters, support administrative departments to legally perform maritime management duties, equally protect the legal rights of Chinese and foreign parties involved and safeguard Chinese territorial sovereignty and maritime interests,” a statement issued by the court said.

The judicial explanation, according to the statement, was based on Chinese law, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos) and judicial practices.

According to the regulation, jurisdictional seas not only include inland waters and territorial seas but also contiguous zones, exclusive economic zones and continental shelves.

It specifies the standard of conviction and punishment for illegal marine fishing: those who illegally enter Chinese territorial waters and refuse to leave after being driven away, or who re-enter after being driven away or being fined in the past year, will be considered to have committed “serious” criminal acts and will be fined and sentenced to less than a year of imprisonment, detention or surveillance.

This penalty also applies to those who illegally enter China’s territorial seas to fish but do not engage in “illegal fishing” under the law, it said.

The move is seen as an attempt to provide legal cover to Chinese coast guard personnel who block and chase away Filipinos who attempt to fish at the Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal despite a ruling from a United Nations arbitral court that the area belongs to the Philippines.

The shoal, also known as Bajo de Masinloc, is located 124 nautical miles northwest of Luzon. It had been a traditional fishing ground not only of Filipinos and Chinese fishermen, but also of other nationalities.

The Permanent Court of Arbitration on July 12 upheld the provisions of the 1982 Unclos that gives the Philippines the rights to areas within 200 nautical miles of its coastline.

Charles Jose, assistant secretary and spokesman of the Department of Foreign Affairs, said Manila will continue to assert its rights to the shoal.

“The tribunal made it clear in its ruling that Bajo de Masinloc is a common fishing ground. It is important that our fishermen are able to return to Bajo de Masinloc because it is about their livelihood,” he said, adding that the issue will have to be resolved in the upcoming bilateral talks with China.


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  2. Ignacio Balbutin on

    di iyan rerespetohin ng US. Nandiyan pa ang US aircraft carriers sa West Philippine sea. Sana imbitahan na ni President Duterte and US and Japan for joint patrols in that area

  3. vic penetrante on

    How come China can warn other nations on the South China Sea, but cannot include Taiwan? How come China cannot even involve Taiwan in its nine-dash line?

  4. I remember that iconic lone protester courageously blocking tanks at the Tianamen Square demonstration. Think it’s like our tiny Filipino fishing boats against the Chinese warships, impossible odds to overcome except by God’s miraculous, might and mercy.

    But guess that’s Biblical prophecy being fulfilled today when it says, “…mens’ hearts will fail them for fear of what is coming.” Because Christian Superpowers are in decline militarily and economically. Admit it, the US, UK, NATO and their allies, us included now worship Satan through occult rituals. Obama imported giant idols of the Egyptian underworld god Anubis, Filipinos are guilty too of mixing pagan practices like Chinese Fengshui (stupid huh?), into our faith which is disgusting to God. Even the Pope and Cardinal Tagle flash the hand sign of the beast.

    So now God will not restrain the Anti-Christ, his surrogate powers like China will do Hitler’s Lebenesraum in Asia, there will be genocide over the entire world, look at what is happening now in the Middle east, can you deny it.

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    • Romans 10:1 should be preached and not some kind of apocalypse or cataclysmic event. There is no truth to what you have stated that the military power of US is declining. It does not match the budget between China and US and the rest of the world. US budget is 600USB against China’ 150 B. So please stop this nonsense. The best way is for you to the read the article of “China’s Just War” as part of its foreign policy. There are more trouble inside China than what you could imagine. Withdrawal of foreign investments in China would create unimaginable chaos to its population. Stay tune how good the DU30 administration to convince China to reconsider its policy in South China Sea. This is better view of the current events.

    • Wars are won by strategies not by how big is the opponent. Lessons from the second world war, look at the battle for Great Britain. how superior was the war machines of the Nazi’s against Great Britain. Yet Great Britain survived and won the war. The US versus Japan. how depleted was the US navy after pearl harbor yet Admiral Dewey fooled Admiral Yamamoto, yet the US Navy won against the many warships of the Empire of Japan at that time. Look at Israel, hated by the Arab Nations.They all tried to destroy it yet it still stands today and very strong. Supported by all Jew’s around the World. You see they are God’s favorite Nation. That’s where God gave his only son. So don’t concern ourselves of China our God never fails, . China is a Godless country, Look at what happened to Rome so powerful and rich at that time. No nation under God shall perish as God promised us.

  5. When a conflict between international law (ex. The PCA ruling) and local state law arises which will prevail? In the present case between the PH and China legality has no place. What matters it seems is not who is right under international law but who owns the biggest firepower. In the instant case China, the world’s biggest bully, wins.

  6. Mr US President, stop giving pinoys old dilapidated boats for coast guardian duties. Arm them with the latest technological fighting machines to fend off Chinese water cannons and gunboats. C’mon man, Barry Obama! (Fist bump)

  7. Declaration of War Na Ito! Sunod nyan mag declare Na rin sila ng China ADIZ Sa WPS. Tagilid na yung mga Sundalo natin Sa SM Ayungin Shoal, Pag Asa Island at ibang outpost Sa atin EEZ. Anong bisa ng panalo natin Sa Arbitration Case Kung Hindi natin ipaglaban ang karapatan natin? Di ba sabi ni President Duterte Sa Election Campaign Na gusto Nya rin maging Hero at mag jet ski sya Sa Scarborough Shoal at itanim Nya ang atin Phil Flag? Panahon Na Sir at AFP natin Na lumaban Na in our little way. Sobra Na itong pangigipit sa atin.

    • China is a big bully, and there is no doubt about it now after they openly declared the Hague ruling as null and void. Now they are also openly threatening their neighbors to keep away or else.
      How does one deal with a country that has closed minds, and has no respect for rule of law nor practice human rights for it’s good Chinese Citizens. Lots of Chinese Citizens are not aware of World happenings.
      All World News are censored by the Government.
      China is ruled by a few self proclaimed corrupt, and outspoken leaders.
      The World has to get together to eject them from those squatted man made islands, before they do father damage to the environment, and false claims of the surrounding international waters.
      This is a cancer that has to be eradicated. Does any body out there Trust China to promote peace in that area as they Militarize the area?