China warns PH against support for Japan stance


China on Thursday warned countries with claims in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) not to stir up tensions in the region by bringing in “complicated factors” such as a change in Japan’s pacifist constitution.

In a press conference, Hua Chunying, the spokesperson of China’s foreign ministry, said she hopes Japan would reconsider its plan to let its army play an expanded role in the region.

“We hope that Japan can understand and respect neighboring countries’ legitimate and reasonable concerns on security and pursue a peaceful path,” Hua said.

China has been paying “close attention” to any changes in Japan’s military, Hua said.
Beijing has always been wary of moves to make Japan a military player in the region, having been a victim of Japanese atrocities during World War II.

During his visit to Japan earlier this week, President Benigno Aquino 3rd told Prime Minister Shinzo Abe he supports a constitutional change that will redefine Tokyo’s self-defense stance and allow it to provide military aid to its allies.

“China’s principles and positions have been made clear many times before,” Hua said, adding that Chinese authorities were monitoring Aquino’s remarks in Japan.

She said China has long been committed to resolving territorial and maritime disputes through bilateral negotiation and coordination.

“It is our opinion that relevant countries should show sincerity and move towards the same direction with China, rather than deliberately stir up tension and bring additional complicated factors to the regional situation,” Hua said.

Aquino’s comments are seen as a major shift in attitude in a country that suffered under Japanese occupation in the 1940s, but who now is turning to a former foe in facing a China that is becoming increasingly aggressive in claiming most of the resource-rich region.

China claims about 90 percent of the West Philippine Sea, including islands and waters close to the territories of neighboring countries.

A new map published in China further fortifies its claim on the disputed waters.

The map, published by the state-run news agency Xinhua, marks China’s territory with 10 dash lines drawn close to the coasts of Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and the Philippine islands of Palawan and Luzon.

Chinese authorities said that the new Chinese map was published to “better show” China’s territorial claim over the region.

Previously, China had a nine-dash line claim in the region. The new China map has 10 dashes.

On Thursday, Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. belittled the new map, saying it is a mere drawing that has been superseded by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

“As a whole, to put it simply, they just drew that. All of these drawings have already been superseded by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea,” Coloma told reporters.

Coloma recalled that since the reign of Chiang Kai-shek, the Chinese have been drawing lines to mark territories that are not theirs.

He said the old 11-dash line was replaced by the nine-dash line.

The Philippines has filed an arbitration case amid the increasing tensions and China’s construction efforts in the West Philippine Sea.

But Hua said that countries must not “over-read” its publication of new maps that supposedly cover large areas of its neighbors’ territories.

Hua said publishing houses in some regions regularly publish Chinese maps “with the purpose of serving the public.”

There is no need to interpret the new maps more than what it was intended for, Hua said, adding that Beijing’s stand in the West Philippine Sea “is consistent, clear and free of any change.”



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  1. Chinese leaders can only blame themselves for the Philippines’ support for a change in Japan’s pacifist constitution. You “don’t eat the cake and still have it.”

  2. ubejuankinobi on

    what a bunch of lying hubris coming from these chinese commie bureaucrats trying to act like hitler and mussolini, and arrogant and hypocrite at best. they think we pinoys were a bunch of stupids to really believe what theyre saying. they want their asean and japanese neighbors to ignore everything they do and to follow their lead like a bunch of sheepies without any questions, just like their loyal citizens who are ruled like a bunch of brainless retard. just because china become rich by people buying their sh**ty stuff and become powerful makes them act like a big boss in asia and do whatever they want to do. do not preach us about the past because we have learned from it already. we are now wary about the present and the future, like you china who now acting like a present day nazi and fascist ready to invade other nations territories for their natural resources, just as the nazis do in ww2. we are all wary about you and your intention that’s why we are bundling up with japan and other asean nations to form an alliance against you because of what you are currently doing right now. and everybody knows what that is. go to hell commie china and don’t threaten us cuz we know how to fight back.

  3. With due respect to the spokesperson of China’s Foreign Ministry, the reason why the Philippines is drawn to ally with the prior enemy is because of their aggressive bullying to rub the neighbors of their priceless territory. Reading the whole narration is to me a blatant hypocrisy. If they want to, they can defend themselves in the present UN arbitration vs. the Philippines. You should refrain from building structures in any disputed territory, until cleared by the UNCLOS/ITLOS. The whole world knows, what you are doing, if you continue your present strategy, and behavior, this can impact in your economy. Please, China be a good neighbor, you can gather more flies by honey than with vinegar.

  4. Regie’s statement above is correct.China will never,and has never adhered to any rules..Simply put,China is just a corporation.This is all about energy,which the corporation wants at any cost

  5. danilo de vera on

    expansionism at its worst,we need defend our TERRITORIAL interest and sovereignity,drawing a new map from time to time does not guaranty that china says it theirs, they are bullying small countries, what they are saying is different in what they do…its time to MODERNIZE our military and stand up to their bullying.

  6. China definitely would like to expand and their leaders are encouraged by Russia’s takeover of Cremea from Ukraine. With the help of peace loving nations, they’ll be stopped on their ambitious expansionism. Even many Chinese are surprise with their leaders in claiming islands 1000kms fron their shore. I think it’s time for Filipino people to destroy the Chinese structures on islands within its economic zone.

  7. china is purely desperate of energy source, they will never abide by any rule, UN or ASEAN, what USA and other big countries do is to remove all thier factories and stop buying chinese products,

  8. Carlos Martin on

    Hua Chunying’s remark “…to move toward the same direction with China…” means to go along with China in its claim to the whole South China Sea, disregarding the Philippine claim. Her statement is plainly favoring China’s claim, and against the Philippine claim.