• China’s incursions an economic challenge

    Ej Lopez

    Ej Lopez

    Many Filipinos, including this writer, are having apprehensions regarding the possibility of an armed confrontation with China. The world cannot afford to have another conflict that would ruin the current economic progress that Asia is enjoying. For aside from the political chaos it will create, the economic malady it is bound to engender will surely bring about unimaginable tragedy in our time. While the Philippines is intent on claiming the territories it rightfully owns, it should also consider other avenues that would settle these issues with China in as sober a manner as possible.
    China, in its drive to maintain its current position as the world’s most progressive economy, has to resort to extreme measures to widen its horizon in search of resources that would maintain its base in the economic arena. Whereas previously China’s power was confined to building its economic strength, it now boasts of military might and power that can approximate the best in the world. In the words of US President Barack Obama, China’s superior power is inevitable to come in East Asia.

    President Obama’s visit to Japan has, to a certain extent, given the Japanese the reassurance that the US will support their country in case of an inevitable military confrontation with China; but not the Philippines, where his visit was more on strengthening ties on trade and commerce and other diplomatic interests. The event was more to make us feel our military inferiority and the possible losses, both economic and political, if we pursued our position. There were no reassuring words of military support, unlike his Japan visit. Not because of stronger ties between the US and Japan but because Japan provides more economic benefits to the US; and US can get more from Japan than what it can gain from the Philippines. The only thing going as far as our relationship with the US is concerned is that it is one of the longest and we have always been abiding and following religiously all the whims and caprices of our good old friend “Uncle Sam.”

    To think that the US will support us and fight side by side with our military in the event of an armed conflict with China is wishful thinking. It’s not going to happen, not by a long shot.

    According to an article by the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), “China’s rising influence is natural. It is a country of 1.3 billion people. Until 1800, it comprised a third of world economic output. China’s rapid growth over the last 30 years reflects a return toward this long-term historical equilibrium. China’s development, as well as that of the rest of Asia, will necessarily alter the preeminent geopolitical position that the United States has enjoyed since the end of the Cold War.”

    No matter how you look at it and regardless of events that will transpire to highlight China’s superior power and dominance over the rest of the Asian region, United States intervention in case of chaos will at most likely be as a mere pacifier, unlike the manner of involvement in regional conflicts in the Middle East where it has turned into a full-blown war because of America’s unwarranted intrusion.

    China’s economic power, which perhaps shaped its good image with the rest of the world, is enough to overturn the perceived arrogance it has made with the rest of the world’s perception of its bullying acts and as such may be interpreted as justified despite the twisted reasoning. A testament to what wealth and power can do…

    Increased crime rate
    The crime rate index has continuously accelerated over the past years. Forty-five percent of those surveyed believe that the crime rate has been increasing over the past three years. The data presents an alarming trend as it shows that, despite many innovations introduced to weed out criminality, crime has still increased. There must be something wrong along the line of operations. Despite continuous modernization in the technical aspects of police operations, their competence is still in question.

    Regardless of repeated innovations or advancement, the police forces are bound to go nowhere for as long as competent people within the police force remain endangered.

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    1. President Obama do not have to stress the importance of defending PH. It’s in its mutual defense treaty. China’s leaders and few of them wanted to divert attention of growing discontent amongst its people. Millions of Chinese are still in miserable isolation. For many of them they do not have voice. In the meantime, few Chinese leaders back by billionaires wanted a greater China. Its plans and actions are clear as crystal in trying to dominate the commodities and economies of many countries. It may not be pronounced but certainly there are voices in Chinese Politburo and military establishment of defending China whatever it takes philosophy. China’s moved to construct structures and reclaim reefs show clearly its intent of not only establishing garrisons but robbing many Southeast Asians countries of their resources. Sooner or later there will be conflict if China will not stop it’s ambition of expnasionism.

    2. Yes, economic growth Philippines has accomplished is important but nationalism and democracy is the perfect recipe to a great builder of a successful nation and South Korea is a good product of that. Philippines can not just give away what is rightfully hers and China has no excuse to take what is not hers just because it’s a rising star.