China’s sea rules not accepted


Dear Sir,
China has not relented in its desire for sea expansion. China has kept bullying our country and is set to take over Pag-asa Island and other islets, where our local fishermen earn their living. This time, they are now about to encroach in Japanese waters in the hope to take ownership of some portions of Japanese waters, which they are also doing to the Philippines.

China keeps on invoking Chinese laws on the sea but which can never be applicable to the Philippines because each country has its own sovereignty. When did China have a hold on the Philippines? Just like the Philippines, Japan vows to defend its country’s territory, but will employ diplomatic means also in the hope of settling the issue.

China should stop with these incursions into its neighbors. These incursions are indicative that it wants to start a conflict in the Asean region and exercise all its powers to do so. This is not good for the region, and China should take things slowly for its neighbors will surely not take this incursions sitting down, and no matter what it takes. China should think it over for it is not only endangering the region, but their own people too, if the situation worsens.

One of its fishing rules which took effect on Jan. 1, 2014, where fishing should first seek China’s approval, is not acceptable. It has been criticized in doing so. Let’s continue to denounce China’s “unfriendly” policies and laws as it is hurting the source of livelihood of our fishermen, and of all those fishermen from the region.

Louie B. Estacio II
España, Manila


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