China’s Xi, Trump agree to meet ‘at an early date’


BEIJING: Chinese President Xi Jinping and the US president-elect Donald Trump agreed in a telephone call Monday to meet “at an early date” to discuss the relationship between their two powers, Chinese state broadcaster CCTV said Monday.

Xi told Trump—who frequently savaged China on the campaign trail and threatened to impose a 45 percent tariff on Chinese exports—that the world’s top two economies “need cooperation and there are a lot of things we can cooperate on”, CCTV reported.

Xi and Trump “vowed to keep close contact, build good working relations, and meet at an early date to exchange views on issues of mutual interest and the development of bilateral ties”, CCTV said.

Before his election Trump went as far as calling the Asian giant America’s “enemy” and pledged to stand up to a country he says views the US as a pushover.

But he also indicated he is not interested in getting involved in far-off squabbles, and decried the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership free trade deal, which encompasses several other Asian countries and has been seen as an effort to contain China, for costing American jobs.

The contrary positions have left a pall of uncertainty over how he will manage the relationship between the world’s two largest economies and its biggest and most powerful militaries.

CCTV cited Trump as saying in the call that China was a large and important nation that he was willing to work with, and that he believed Sino-US relations could realise “win-win” benefits.

The phrasing the broadcaster attributed to the US president-elect is typical of Chinese diplomacy. AFP



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  1. Yonkers,New York
    15 November 2016

    A President Donald Trump will be sorely tested on how his attitudes and accusations against China–on the campaign trail–will change or not when he and Chinese President XI JINPING meet soon to discuss bilateral relations.

    Obviously, XI Jinping knows that on the campaign trail, Republican presidential candidate virtually savaged China as a major cause of some of the US’s economic problems and threatened to impose a 45% TARIFF on Chinese exports to the US–a threat, which, if Trump as President carries out to the letter, could be a serious threat to China.

    The other threat which on the campaign trail was directed at China was that as President he would get US companies now “outrsourcing” operations in China to go back pronto to the US–or else! If he makes good on this threat of his, China will suffer another serious economic blow.

    My sense is that these threats by Donald Trump are the very reasons President XI JINPING is seeking a meeting with a President Donald Trump as soon as possible. He wants to “clear the air” obviously.