• China’s Xi urges improved Asean ties


    JAKARTA: China’s President Xi Jinping said on Thursday territorial disputes with Southeast Asia should be resolved in a “peaceful manner” as he sought to mend frayed ties during the first speech by a foreign leader to the Indonesian parliament.

    Making his first visit to the region since taking power in March, Xi turned to the issue of maritime territorial disputes—China’s increasingly assertive claims to almost the entire South China Sea have sparked territorial rows in recent times, in particular with the Philippines and Vietnam.

    Xi said that Beijing and the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) should resolve territorial and maritime disputes “in a peaceful manner so as to safeguard regional stability and peace.”

    “Southeast Asia is one important hub of the maritime Silk Road. China is ready to increase maritime cooperation with Asean,” he said.

    “China attaches great importance to Indonesia’s role in Asean and is ready to work together with Indonesia and other Asean countries to make the two sides share the same prosperity.”

    Xi chose to make his comments in Indonesia, a country that does not have any disputes with China over the strategically important sea and that has often acted as a mediator in rows.



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    1. But Xi Jinping is letting his nationalistic colleagues and jingoistic commanders
      making all the threats to those countries which dispute China’s audacious claims.
      China has continually tried to split ASEAN countries over the Code of Conduct in
      the South China Sea. This issue should test the patience and dexterity of
      Philippine diplomats. Expressing exasperation in self-righteous public statements
      won’t help matters.

    2. Chinas president pretend doing the righteous way but his Navy is doing the other way by grabbing our Mischie Reef and Scarborough Shoal. As of to day they have erected concrete foundations and vertical structures in Scarborough Shoal that belongs to the Philippines. China stop bribing Indonesia. Return our Mischief Reef and Scarborough Shoal and will talk peace. Shame on you!