• Chinese doctor stabbed to death inside his clinic


    A Chinese doctor was found dead with a knife still stuck in his chest inside his clinic in Binondo, Manila late on Wednesday, a police report said.

    Senior Police Officer 3 Glenzor Vallejo identified the victim as Lam Hau Fai, 77, an internal doctor, who was still holding cards of his old patients while lying in his clinic on Juan Luna Street.

    It was his housemaid, Alnalyn Basilisco, 38, who reported the incident to the police at about 10:50 p.m. She said she decided to proceed to the clinic after noticing that her boss had not arrived yet in their condominium.

    “He was holding blooded index cards as if he was looking for a record of his old patients when attacked by the assailant,” Vallejo said.

    Police have yet to establish identities of the suspects.

    Vallejo said relatives have identified some individuals, including a man who was with him before the stabbing incident.

    Basilisco said she last saw the doctor alive at about 3 p.m. before he went to his clinic.

    Robbery was ruled out after investigators have ascertained that nothing was missing in the clinic, including personal belogings of the victim.

    “It seems the motive was personal. We will ask a copy of the CCTV installed inside the clinic,” the police officer said.

    The victim was brought to Sanctuarium Funeral for autopsy. JAIME R. PILAPIL


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