• Chinese held for bogus passport


    A CHINESE was arrested at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 on Monday night while trying to travel to Hong Kong using a fake Philippine passport. Chen Gen, 29, who could not speak a single Filipino word, presented a Philippine passport bearing the name Yap Regan Marcos to the immigration officer. The Bureau of ImmigrationÕs Travel and Control Enforcement Unit (TCEU) said ChenÕs record showed a July 17, 2014 arrival where he was admitted as tourist. His first visit in country was on July 16, 2012. When questioned, Chen admitted to TCEU officers Ma. Lourdes Quidangen and Maria Niriza Salibagon that he left his Chinese passport to the main office of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) as requirement for a renewal of a student visa based I-Card. Chen claimed he bought the Philippine passport for P100,000 from a person that he met outside the main BI building in Manila.


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