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  1. The most corrupt institution in the Philippines is the AFP and the PNP.The PNP was infected by Marcos during Martial Law. The police force used to be under the control of the Mayors of respective cities and towns, Marcos grabbed it by integrating it with Military in order for him to have absolute control of the armed services of the country.

    If meaningful change has to be achieved, the AFP and PNP should be abolished and reestablish. Short of this, wont work. Or it should be smashed and supplanted by a New People’s Armed Services.

    • Based on my long years of observation, the most professional organization is still the AFP. Some corrupt politicians are just trying to corrupt and use them for their corrupt practices. Soldiers are trained to follow orders professionally. If we have professional political leaders, soldiers who are risking their lives will follow their orders. But if we have unprofessional and corrupt politicians, these soldiers and policemen will be contaminated. So corrupt politicians are polluting and corrupting not only soldiers and policemen but also all agencies under their administrations. But why do politicians become corrupt?
      Our electoral process which selects our political leaders is very costly. This costly electoral process allows and compels politicians to spend their personal and supporters money just to get elected. So when they win, they will try to recover their campaign expenses more than ten folds and that process is called graft and corruption. The “Napoles story” demonstrates the graft and corrupt practices rooted on costly electoral process. Those who lost will get involved in illegal gambling, drugs and other forms of criminal activities. At worst if the incumbent politicians will resort to illegal drugs and gambling just to raise campaign expenses as what happened recently to the “De Lima Narco Politics”.
      How how do we solve this problem? Make election free just like in the classroom when we elect our class officers. It should be the responsibility of government to shoulder the cost of election not the individual candidates. Personal spending must be prohibited to remove the reason for recovery of campaign expenses.This will give all the reasons and political will to prosecute grafters and corrupt offenders. The reason why there is no political will to prosecute grafters because every politician knows that everybody spent their money and somehow committed graft and corrupt practices from government projects. So there is really no sacred cow among the present crop of politicians.
      To solve corruption in government, we have to professionalize our political and electoral system by first making our election free. And everything follows.