Chinese media piles scorn on expelled French reporter


BEIJING: Chinese media on Monday celebrated the imminent expulsion of a French reporter accused of supporting terrorism, with a poll purporting to demonstrate overwhelming support for the decision. Beijing refused to renew Ursula Gauthier’s visa after she published an article criticizing government policies in Xinjiang, home to the mostly Muslim Uighur minority and a region which regularly sees violent incidents. China’s foreign ministry last week said her essay in French news magazine L’Obs “flagrantly championed acts of terrorism and acts of cruelly killing innocents.” The government’s decision to expel Gauthier was approved by 95 percent of respondents to a poll on the web site of the Global Times, an often-incendiary publication with close ties to the ruling Communist Party. The poll, which asked, “Do you support expelling the French journalist who supports terrorism?” had more than 200,000 respondents by Monday afternoon.



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