• Chinese media warns of ‘counterstrike’ in disputed sea



    BEIJING – Chinese state-media accused the Philippines of using the ASEAN group of nations as an “accomplice” in the violation of its sovereignty claims in the South China Sea on Saturday, and warned of a potential “counterstrike”.

    The editorial in the overseas edition of the People’s Daily, the mouthpiece of China’s ruling Communist Party, came as the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was due to meet in Brunei, with disputes in the sea expected to dominate discussions.

    The Philippines, which has sought closer ties with Washington amid territorial disputes with Beijing, “calls on the United States as ‘patron'” and uses ASEAN as an “accomplice,” the editorial said.

    It added that the Philippines was guilty of “seven sins,” including the “illegal occupation” of parts of the Spratly Islands, strengthening control over disputed coral reefs, inviting foreign companies to develop oil and gas resources in disputed waters, and promoting the “internationalization” of the South China Sea.

    “If the Philippines continues to provoke China… a counterstrike will be hard to avoid,” the editorial said.

    Members of the ASEAN group hope to reach a legally binding code of conduct aimed at easing tensions over disputed areas in the Sea, which is claimed almost in its entirety by Beijing, leading to long-running disputes with several neighboring countries including the Philippines.

    China has resisted ASEAN efforts to create a legally binding code to govern conduct on the sea, and analysts say Beijing will continue to oppose any agreement weakening its claims.

    The Philippines this year sought UN arbitration over its dispute with China, a move condemned by Beijing.

    A US destroyer joined the Philippine Navy’s flagship this week for military exercises close to the Scarborough Shoal, which China insists it owns.

    Countries around the region have boosted spending on their navies in recent years in response to tensions, raising fears of a military conflict.



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    1. My Grandparents left Amoy, China long before the second World War and settled in Tongkil Island. Married my Muslim Grandma Pitlah Manalbang. It’s a shame for the Chinese Government to claim what is part of the Philippines. Just because the sound
      of The South China Sea. As named in the mapping of the region. Doesn’t meant that the aforementioned sea necessarily be a part of China itself. With the turn of events how the Current Chinese administration are trying to grabbed those shoals/island that even the United Nation charter for every nation has a 200 miles exclusively international water zoning. And the Barbaric Chinese are displaying their ignorance to the wolrd. What a shame…You wanted to follow the footstep of the jews.

    2. this is the reason why we need more to expand the VFA with US and to include Japan since our AFP is too weak due to the neglect of our caring politicians and just care for their pockets. the complaints from the leftists are not living in reality. China is now at our doorsteps. and when do the leftists accept the presence of US forces? when China already invaded Palawan? all those rhetoric and criticism on the VFA and inclusion of Japan are misguided. we have to be more realistic and practical which means wether we like it or not, we need the US for now due to our very weak AFP and there are preconditions on the VFA which can be work out amicably. If we scrap the VFA then be prepared to speak Mandarin.