Chinese ships leave Panatag


President Aquino 3rd, now is the time to send back our fishermen to the Panatag Shoal. China maybe sincere and is now giving us the chance to go back there and remove the rope at the entrance to the lagoon so that our fishermen can resume the usual fishing activities over there. Let’s hope for PEACE and we owe it to China if indeed they are now out of our EEZ, at least at Scarboroughj Shoal.
Reynaldo De Guzman

I do not think the Philippines has money to buy weapons. The Philippines Air Force is still in world war one technology. There is not one existing general in the Armed Forces of the Philippines to go on record to stand up against a mere Major General like Luo Yuan of China. There are too many poor, unhealthy, and disenfranchised Pilipino citizens in the barrios that do not have adequate school facilities, teachers and electricity. The rich people will only use the poor people to go to war and send their rich kids to the United States very much like Vietnam as refugees. The United States do not want any more refugees. While the poor remain in the Philippines to fight because they can not leave. One thing the corrupt Philippine Generals and Government officials have nowhere to go but the United States if China occupies the Philippines. They will be the first to run away. The American people will not go to war for the Philippines. They abandoned Vietnam remember. Just say “thank you” to both China and the U.S. for not starting a war and start solving the problems in side your homeland and continue killing pinoys in Mindanao and the NPA’s for practice. Please lets just have peace for once.
Juan de La Cruz

The Chinese will come back ready for permanent occupation of Panatag Shoal. If the shoal belongs to the Philippines, it should be vigorously occupied and intruder chased away. A big task for the Philippines against a clever, powerful China.
Justin Onse


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