• Chinese tell US spy plane: Go away

    THERE’S NO SECRET KEPT IN HERE  A video grab of the CNN report shows Capt. Mike Parker, flight commander of the US surveillance mission, pointing at images showing what’s on Kagitingan Reef which China is reportedly developing as a forward operating base.

    A video grab of the CNN report shows Capt. Mike Parker, flight commander of the US surveillance mission, pointing at images showing what’s on Kagitingan Reef which China is reportedly developing as a forward operating base.

    China’s Navy has reportedly challenged a US surveillance plane that was flying over the West Philippine Sea [South China Sea] and ordered it to “go away,” the international cable news channel CNN reported on Thursday.

    “Foreign military aircraft, this is the Chinese Navy. You are approaching our military alert zone. Leave immediately,” a radio operator told the US crew.

    Philippine Air Force flight crew also experienced getting warnings from China recently.
    A CNN reporting team was also on board the US surveillance flight.

    According to CNN, it was the first time for the Pentagon (US Department of Defense) to allow a TV news crew to join an actual surveillance mission that used a P8-A Poseidon, the most advanced surveillance aircraft in the US arsenal.

    During the flight, the US military pilots were ordered out of the airspace eight times.
    “We were just challenged 30 minutes ago and the challenge came from the Chinese Navy, and I’m highly confident it came from ashore, this facility here,” Capt. Mike Parker, the flight commander, told CNN as he pointed to a radar station on the Kagitingan (Fiery Cross) Reef.

    Kagitingan Reef, which lies within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines, was occupied by China in 1988 after a Unesco Inter-governmental Oceanographic Commission meeting in March 1987 where it was agreed that Beijing would be allowed to build weather stations in the South China Sea as part of a global oceanic survey. Beijing chose to build the weather station on Kagitingan Reef.

    The US surveillance flight recording disclosed that the Chinese have since built military-style barracks, an air traffic control tower and a long runway.

    Satellite images released in March and April show China’s effort to convert reefs into artificial islands.

    “There’s obviously a lot of surface traffic down there: Chinese warships, Chinese Coast Guard ships. They have air search radars, so there’s a pretty good bet they’re tracking us,” Lt. Cmdr. Matt Newman told CNN.

    The Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) on Thursday said it was still confirming the incident.

    DFA spokesman Charles Jose noted that if the such incident was proven correct, it would again highlight growing challenges that the Philippines is facing in the South China Sea.

    “Efforts to enforce control within the nine-dash line … have no basis in international law.

    “We, therefore, reiterate the call for all concerned parties to clarify the basis of their claims, and avoid action that violates the spirit of the DOC [Declaration on the Code of Conduct],” Jose said.

    An official of the Philippine Department of National Defense (DND) criticized China over the incident.

    “The incident shows the extent to which China is willing to disregard international laws and freedom of flight and navigation,” DND spokesman Peter Paul Galvez said.

    “It is highly regrettable that they impose their self-serving rules even in clearly established international airspace. These actions further increase risk of irreparable miscalculations and untoward incidents,” he added.

    An analyst said the Philippines needs to be “cold and calculative” and open itself to back-channel negotiations in dealing with China in the West Philippine Sea dispute.
    Dr. Jay Batongbacal, director of the University of the Philippines Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea, warned that the Philippines must be careful on how it deals with China.

    “In a way, we need to be a bit less hot and scandalous, a lot more cold and calculative,” he said in a lecture on Wednesday.

    Batongbacal added that the Philippines must also stop provoking China by playing up in the media the tensions raised by the sea row.

    In the mid-1990s, he said, China already warned the Philippines “to please not play it up in the media too much because they will be unable to control the reaction from home.”
    “That’s what we are seeing right now, exactly what they said they feared,” Batongbacal added.


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    1. We are in dire need of a president who is brave, a nationalist, a fighter of foreign aggressor,who can order the Philippine armed forces to defen, fight back and retaliate against Chinese invaders of our sea territories we need an AFP Chief who cannot be cowed and cannot be bullied and warn by chinese troops we must fight to the end. All Filipinos who are living around our sea territories should be armed with weapons and let them fish for their livelihood.Ignore China warnings it is our seas Kill all Chinese now who are in our sea areas.

    2. Vic PenetranteVic on

      The UN has no resolved. And we cannot sing like Elvis, “If you’re lookin’ for trouble, you’ve come to the right place.”
      Maybe we can offer China the gift of the “Canadian wastes” and all our garbages as landfill to stop her from dredging the corals of the sea?

    3. Even if the U.S. wants to help us and then we got a coward President then no can do.We need to engage this Chinese head on on whatever we got they have to stop pushing us around.They are taking over our food chain our fisherman cannot even fish in our own territory and our coward President is more concern on the stupid BBL that will never work to bring peace in the region because it will only the terrorist MILF will benefit from it.

    4. Ano naman kinakatakot ni Jay? Walang combat experience ang mga PLO. Kaya lang pagpapatayin nyan ang mga mamamayan nila. Baka sa isang squad lang ng NPA ay maubos na isang batalyon nila. Partida na nga na di pa sasama mga Abu Sayaf. Yun nga gawang tsayna na ipinagyayabang nila na high speed train ay derailed agad sa unang araw ng operasyon nito so alam na natin na walang kwenta ang mga pina pakita nilang gawang tsayna na barko at aroplanong pandigma daw nila. Wag sila magyayabang at di magtatagal ay mag hain na ng Demolition Order ang ating mga taga DENR sa kanila. Sa araw na yun, titiyakin ko na may sapat na escort natin ang mga taga DENR.

    5. There is only one way to deal with China. Do what Vietnam did, challenge them.

      Ha ha ha ha ha!

    6. sonny dela cruz on

      The United States hasn’t got the message from the Chinese. “GO AWAY” this is China Navy. How much longer, a kind of PATIENCE” will the United States will take against the arrogance of China against them. This is the end result of what the Americans did by developing their economy at the expense of the American labor and the money China makes was for their military use to be strong and defeat the Americans. Yes, China still hates the United States because of their sufferings after their defeat in 1950’s Korean War. They cannot forget it and keeps it as a HIDDEN AGENDA, that someday you’ll pay for it. Now, they are pushing the Americans with no diplomatic dialogue to lessen the tension in the Asia-Pacific region. They told Sec. Kerry with a SLAP ON THE FACE that they own 90% of China sea and the Islets in the region is SOLID AS A ROCK. The International sea lane and the air space above it is being monitor that no one should violate the sovereignty of China. This is CHINA NAVY, “GO AWAY. GET OUT”. The United States made a very big mistakes to make China strong, now it’s too late. They even open their market to them without knowing their hidden agenda and their culture that they lie and cheats and steal American secrets to defeat their common enemy. Until when will the peace loving nations of the world will wait to STOP CHINA for their MANIPULATION.

      No one but a great natural disaster and an uprising inside China can stop the Communist Party ruled China from becoming the equal of the US.

    7. communist china think that because the United States owe them a trillions of dollars the Americans will let them establish military base in international water next to Palawan Island. This communists forget to look at the mirror and didn’t realize that America never forget china is communist whose goal is t dominate the whole world. If communist china insist on controlling the world economy by military intimidation they will find that they will be alone that they can’t even find friends in Russia. From Chile to Canada, the whole Europe and Middle East will side with U.S. they are of the same race. What about china they forget that they belong to yellow race. chinese economy will collapse together with communist regime and then we will witness again revolution in china. We will see countries establishing laws against chinese immigrating to their countries like the chinese exclusion act. Canada already stop accepting chinese millionaire immigration to Canada.

      Too late now. And we must not be RACIST and look at Chinese as “the Yellow race.” Even Filipinos (except the Aetas n Mangyans) somehow belong to the Mongoloid race.
      The capitalist, consumerist greed of the Western Powers has allowed the Communist dictators of China to become the world’s No. 2 economy and the rising military superpower.
      You are right–only an internal cataclysm — perhaps a natural disaster and a revolt of its oppressed poor — will disrupt the rise of the Communist Party in China.

      • One must first go back to their history books and learn that China was all but invisible until AFTER the U.S. was kicked out of the Philippines after the closure of Subic in the early 1990’s. If such an atrocious act had not been committed China would be no where around. They will be dealt with accordingly. And I for one hope that it is the same way General Douglas MacArthur wanted it done after the end of World War 2