Chinese trader to donate another big rehab center

Chinese Ambassasor Zhao Jianhuan PHOTO BY RUY MARTINEZ

Chinese Ambassasor Zhao Jianhuan PHOTO BY RUY MARTINEZ

A Chinese businessman will put up another drug rehabilitation center, Beijing envoy Zhao Jianhuan said as he reiterated his country’s support to President Rodrigo Duterte’s strong stance against illegal drugs.

“Illegal drugs are our common enemy. We both have to fight it,” the Chinese ambassador told reporters.

Zhao however declined to name the donor. Local authorities, he said, would have a say on the location of the rehab center.

“We support your President’s strong campaign on illegal drugs. That’s why we invited the PNP (Philippine National Police) for a dialogue and possible agreement that could share intelligence and provide equipment in the form of grants,” Zhao said.

During President Duterte’s visit to China this week, both countries will sign an enhanced cooperation agreement in anti-drug law enforcement.

“The meetings are about friendship and cooperation, things that unite us and benefit both our countries. [President Duterte’s] visit will open a new chapter and start a new cause,” Zhao said.

Zhao said he was aware that many Chinese drug lords have been operating in the Philippines.

“The Chinese government is ready to cooperate and bring them to justice … China [is not]trying to hide them … Illegal drugs are our common enemies. We have the same problem. But we fight it in a very strict manner by [imposing the]death penalty,” he said.

Duterte’s visit to Beijing on October 18 to 21 could include a tour of a drug rehabilitation facility and traffic headquarters.


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  1. Why waste money building rehab centers when the 3 million drug pushers and users are to be slaughtered anyway. Better build gas chambers like what Hitler did!

  2. China building reeducation camps in the Philippines kind of reminds me of North Korea and China.

    Filipino’s really have no clue what’s going on do they ?